Double-sided compliments

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Double-Sided Compliments

I love teaching my students the art of giving double sided compliments to women.
The results men get when using double sided compliments PROPERLY are always positive!
Students often say to me that when they give a woman an outright compliment, they are often met with the nice but essentially useless reply “Thanks” and this can be a real conversation killer.
I often hear my self-doing this when men give me compliments in relation to my image/style/look etc
Why do I do this? It can be for 2 reasons, but first of all, let me be clear in one thing. It is NOT because I don’t like compliments, in fact I LOVE compliments and I’m not ashamed to admit it either!
The reasons I and other women simply reply ‘thanks’ and then await the uncomfortable silence are these:

First reason:

There is nothing left to say!

There is nothing left to say on THAT subject.
If a guy tells me I have a really cool dress sense, I’m not going to feel obliged to tell him why I have that particular dress sense, and I don’t feel obliged to give him a compliment back either. So what do I do? I simply smile sweetly and say “thanks” and then I await the conversation to inevitably end.
The compliment, is a statement, and is not a question or an assumption and therefore will not force the woman to respond. If you have a follow up to your compliment, then that’s fine. But usually guys don’t, and unfortunately the awkward silence after the compliment, makes the guys feel uncomfortable and even embarrassed, and so consequently they either change the subject in an awkward manner, or just walk off believing the girl has somehow rejected them (even if this is not the case)

Second reason:

The woman feels uncomfortable or forced!

The other reason women will answer a mans compliment with just a “thanks” is because, for some woman, a compliment can make them feel ever so slightly uncomfortable. They can feel a little self-conscious or they can feel that the guy is forcing the interaction in to something more flirtatious, which they maybe too shy to comply with, or which they are not READY to do yet.

These are the reasons why I teach my students the art of giving double sided compliments.

A double-sided compliment can produce a couple of results. It can help display high standards/value effectively whist forcing the girl to respond with more than just a polite and unhelpful ‘thanks’
And in most cases, it will even get her to qualify her self.

So what is a double-sided compliment?

A double sided compliment, is giving the girl a vague compliment, and then adding to it a DETAILED sentence that will translate as:
“but there is room for improvement “ or
“but I have seen better”
without, of course actually using those words.


“You look great. But if you made your hair a darker/blonder colour then you would be very hot”

“You dress really well, but if you wore something a little more tight/elegant/shorter, then you would be ‘WOW’”

Here, you are telling her she looks good, but if she took your advice then she could look HOT or SEXY. Or even more appealing than she does already.

Its important to begin the double-sided compliment, with a vague compliment, so as it will not come across as an insult. If you just told her to alter her appearance to look better, then she might very well react defensively or aggressively.
With the first part of the double-sided compliment, you are making it clear you find her attractive. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

NOTE: Although I teach ‘NEGS’ to my students, and believe that there is most definitely plenty of advantages in using ‘NEGS’ in the right circumstances. I am also aware that NEGS can cause bad reactions in women too. This is why I prefer double sided compliments.

Forcing a response

A double-sided compliment always gets a response from the women, and usually it is a POSITIVE response too. They never respond to double sided compliments with the dreaded conversation killer ‘Thanks” Instead they usually ask the guy questions and even better they start to qualify them selves.

A lot of my students tell me that women say stuff like:

“Well, usually I dress more sexy than this, its just that I was tired/ in a rush/had my clothes in the dry cleaners etc”

The moment a woman is qualifying herself, she will see you as a man of HIGH STANDARDS

Here are some tried and tested double sided compliments

“mmm, that’s a nice perfume, let m smell it properly” leans in to her neck.
“Its nice, but I used to know a girl that wore “Coco Chanel” (insert preferred perfume) and it was so sexy, every man would look around when they smelled her come in the room”

“You are an attractive woman, but if you emphasised your eyes/lips more then you would look so fucking hot ”

“ I like the way you dress, its very cute, but if you wore something more elegant like a long backless black dress then you would be much more sexy”

“Let me see your shoes..” Holds leg up to inspect shoes. “They are nice, but if you wore some strappy killer heels you would be so hot”

There is literally an endless amount of double-sided compliments you can use, and it can always change depending on the woman’s look or style.

Go and use them as soon as possible, and eradicate the dreaded “thanks” response forever.
Save the outright compliment (which means no “but” or “If “ following the compliment) when you are firmly in the seduction zone. This will act as a reward and plus she will appreciate it and believe its sincerity far more than if you had used it whilst in the comfort zone.

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  2. Fat Albert

    Spot on Kezia – more good examples. I use this regularly when I’m out and about.


  3. Brandon

    Oh I see what you’re getting at, you give her a compliment and then use the compliment break rapport immediately after. Nice 😀

  4. Florian

    Thanks for making us discovering the usefulness of double sided compliments. I’ve read a lot on negs, which kind to use and in what circumstances. It’s really true that a woman will find you more honest by telling her some truth while seducing her, not just give some compliments which in best case put you in her pretendant waiting list instead of escalating the conversation.

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