5 myths about women

Posted on May 14, 2012 4

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5 Myths about women

1. The more beautiful a woman is,the more likely she is difficult and bitchy.

(The myth was created by a very bitter man or a very unattractive woman)

The only guys who tell you this, are guys who are too scared to approach beautiful women, and subsequently they will ignorantly advise others to avoid beautiful women like the plague.
The truth is, beautiful women are no more hostile or ruder to a mans advances than any other girl.IN FACT they can often be a lot more polite and ‘nice’ than an average looking girl. This is because, beautiful women are hit on a lot less than an average women ( due to the fact that most men presume the less attractive ones will be somehow more grateful) Although beautiful women are stared at a lot, they are usually only approached by men who are drunk enough to actually have the courage to speak to them, or they are hit on by the typical alpha/successful male, who probably comes across a little too confident and sure of himself with women at times.

2. Women only go for bad guys


This is not exactly a myth, but it is slightly misleading.
Women love to have a PURPOSE, ROLE and a CHALLENGE when in a relationship, and the ‘typical’ bad guy will provide her with all three. He will give her the role of the ‘fixer’ and her ‘purpose’ and ‘challenge’ will be focused into the obsessive desire to somehow ‘tame’ him into becoming ‘the one ‘who finally managed to melt away all his icy barriers and reach the truly wonderful man that he has been hiding all those years (yeah right!).
However, a ‘good guy’ (never to be mistaken with the dreaded NICE GUY) can conjure up the exact same illusion. A good guy or a great guy will easily provide a role,a purpose and a challenge in his own way, which will not only be as effective, but will have endurance too. The ‘purpose’ and ‘role’ that he hands the woman,will be a far more internal challenge, rather than an external one,because the actual ‘challenge’ is on her self to ‘improve’ in order to gain his favor. Nice guys finish last, BUT NOT good guys, and you DO NOT have to play the ‘classic bad guy’ card in order to win her over.

3. Women want you to agree with them.

(This is a MEGA myth)

It is usually the case that men want women to agree with them, so whoever came up with this myth, was obviously interpreting women in accordance with his own particular mind set. Women, have no issues with men challenging their opinions and view points, in fact, demonstrating your opposing views and opinions on most subjects will add to your appeal, as this will actually make you stand out a lot more from the hundreds of other ‘head nodders’ she has become used to over the years. My only exception to the rule on this one, is this: ALWAYS agree with her when she says something negative about another girl- especially if it s her ‘supposed’ friend. Other than that, NEVER be to weak or afraid to disagree with her opinion or points of view, but remember also to never be over excessive in your challenges or disagreements( like some so called pick up artists make the mistake of doing Everything in moderation, and there is a fine line between being confident with your opinions and being an annoyingly disagreeable person for the sake of it.

4. Women will always choose the tall and handsome guy.

(A myth)

Women are far less visually oriented than men are, hence why the porn industry is predominantly aimed at men. To reinforce this point, I can bare witness to the obvious lack of interest that women show my male friend , who is a Calvin Klein model. Women’s head s don’t lift up when he walks into a room, and their mouths certainly don’t drop. However, when asked if they find him physically attractive, there always comes a resounding ‘yes’ .
A good looking man or a man who has managed to contrive a style that conjures up the illusion that makes him seem far more handsome than he actually is, will benefit from around an extra 3 minutes (on average) at the very beginning of the interaction, but once his few minutes are up, and he has failed to demonstrate any thing more than just being a good looking guy, then he will be left in the same position as any other guy who has failed to make impact on a girl that he is attracted to. Personally, I have dated both handsome men and men who are considered to be ‘physically unattractive’ too. To add even more proof, myself and nearly every female I know, has at some point or many points, chosen the less physically attractive guy who demonstrated plenty of qualities over a man who possessed good looks, and unfortunately a weak or dull character to match.
I have written a more detailed blog post on this very same subject, which is definitely worth checking out if you are still not convinced on this one..(click link below to read blog post)

Do looks matter?

5. Women are looking for father figures

(Maybe so, but so what?)

A lot of women perceive their fathers to be strong and confident ( even when it is not the case) and as a result they often go through a phase of ‘hero worshipping’ them. This of course will subsequently leave them making unfair comparisons between ‘daddy’ and ‘boyfriend’ .However, in time women become a lot more aware and mature enough to understand that their ‘beloved’ fathers possessed more negative character traits and downfalls, that they had overlooked when they were younger,which can result in the exact polar opposite of the theory that women are ‘searching for a father figure’
However, the other argument is that they are NOT looking for a replica of ‘daddy’ at all. and are in fact looking for his polar opposite, which means they are searching for a man who can provide them all that daddy failed to do.

Personally, I can see the logic in both these arguments, that support the case that women are looking for some kind of ‘father figure’ or ‘daddy replica’ , but my advice is to steer clear of giving these arguments too much value or concern. Remember, her father was the first man she fell in love with and that was because he was the only man she really knew and trusted whilst growing up, and although that can make some kind of an impact to a certain extent, no one knows for sure how much, and how a man should act or be as a direct result from it.
In my opinion, and from my own personal experience, of being an immense adoration who for her daddy for so many years ( and secretly still does but in moderation) It all boils down to women wanting a man who possess strength, self belief, and a sense of high value, so people wrap those qualities up into a nice little box and call it “The father figure complex” and subsequently blame everything on the father, and the relationship the girl has or had with her father. This can create a huge inner complex due to the unfair feeling of inadequacy that men feel when making this unrealistic and unhelpful comparison. My advice, is for you to work on those universally recognized attractive qualities women look for in a man, rather than trying to work out whether her father was truly a hero or not.

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4 thoughts on “5 myths about women

  1. Juan Jaramillo

    I have to agree with the first one, in fact by my personal experience, the more unattractive the girl the more bitchy it is…
    I have to be more carefull if the girl it’s not attractive because they are more aggresive, and they have less social experience

  2. John Rendon

    My favorite myth is # 1. The more beautiful a woman is,the more likely she is difficult and bitchy.

    In reality, any girl could have attitude, but I’ll definitely take my chances with the hot girl. If it works out, then it’s a beautiful experience. If it doesn’t, then it was good practice.

    If you get blown out by a hot girl, no big deal, but if you get blown out by an ordinary looking girl, well that really sucks.

  3. $exyArabMan

    ^^^ Not really John.

    If I get blown out by a hot girl, no big deal and if I get blown out by an ordinary looking girl, no big deal.

    This mentality is more on the money.

  4. dave

    What other country in the WORLD has all of these pickup artist instructional schools? Just the United States? HHMMM! Maybe it is just the women that make it this way?

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