Approaching CONFIDENT women

Posted on January 16, 2011 2

Approaching confident women by Kezia Noble

Confident and alpha women can often be a paradox, so here is a little inside information to help you guys out there in attracting this type of woman.

Confident alpha women generally prefer men to be direct with them, which is why DIRECT GAME AND DIRECT OPNERS are more likely to work on noticeably confident and alpha women.
Women who see them selves as in control, confident, strong and alpha usually are attracted to men who can match their confidence at the very least, although they generally prefer men who will be even more confident than themselves. In this case it really is a case of like attracts like.
These type of women usually scare the average man, and although they indeed might get looked at in club, they are rarely approached the way that they secretly wish men to approach them.(this is especially the case in the UK)
Men either avoid these women for fear of being inadequate or they opt to use indirect game, where by they make small talk and shift around awkwardly all the attraction builders they should be using.
See it from her point of view. Although she relishes her alpha attitude and revels in her confident power that leaves men tongue tied, there is also a side of her that YEARNS to be the one who is tongue tide! There is a side of her where she wants to feel as if she needs to prove herself in some way to a man more confident than she is!
It’s an interesting paradox that most men do not realise. Men think that these type of women will be some sort of dominatrix in bed and will get off on the idea of making a man feel sexually inadequate, but in reality, these women are usually fairly submissive in bed and long to have a man take control and make decisions for once!

So next time you see this type of woman in a club or bar, go up to her in front of everyone and say:
“ Your gorgeous- so nice to see a woman who’s exactly my type” give her cheeky smile, and before she can respond, break rapport and move on somewhere else, or continue talking to your friends as if she doesn’t exist.
Rather than allowing her to simply reply with something that will only serve to demonstrate her confidence to you, she will instead take in what you have just said and be looking out for you to come back for PART 2.
Most men are not as confident with her as you would have been, and therefore your confidence and disinterest in her response will be attractive.
You are not asking for her to reply, or for her to even be flattered by your remark, this makes no difference to you. You are also not demonstrating any outcome dependency either (something alpha/confident women love)
So remember: Go in direct, cheeky smile, break rapport and go back for Part 2 when you catch her eye next (which will be happen because she will be intrigued by you)

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2 thoughts on “Approaching CONFIDENT women

  1. Supernova

    I love Confident, Alpha woman. The ones that are considered as bitches and look intimidating to most guys. These women are straight up real. Shame there aint many of them.

  2. Erasmo Kordowski

    DenmarkI came across your site because lately I have been researching ways to get more successful with women. Recently I four and I’ve had a hard. Unfortunately my “skills” with talking to girls are out of practice, to put it mildly! Also, do you allow your readers to submit to you questions they would like to personally ask you about? Actually I have a question on this topic since I am suffering through a complicated situation with a girl I like and I’m just not sure how to take things to the next level with her. I suppose you could say I’m stuck in the “friend zone.” I’d like to ask for your advice…or maybe someone can recommend a book that I ought to check out? I need get some tips on how to stay out of the friend zone with girls I like.

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