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My name is Kezia Noble, and in 2006 I entered the pick up community with true skepticism. I believed firmly that chemistry was either there or it was not. And that no one could actually create chemistry with intention. (Boy was I wrong!) I was initially asked to work as a hot ‘wing girl’ for Europe’s largest pick up company PUA training. What initially struck me were 2 things. The first was that there were indeed, systems, skills and techniques out there that really did work and which really did get results. I witnessed before my eyes some men who came to us, who initially barely possessed the ability to make confident eye contact with a hot women let alone seduce her, and who very quickly had become unstoppable babe magnets. My initial skepticism was nailed on the head.

The second thing that struck me was the obvious lack of female coaches. In fact there were none! The wing girls and the so called ‘female dating coaches’ out there always gave the same old generic advice that a guy could get just by reading a woman’s magazine.

I decided to give men the 100 percent honest truth, whether women approved of me giving away our secrets or not.

Soon after, word got around that there was only one female pick up coach who could really get men the results that they wanted.

Media Attention

Along with my no nonsense straight talking method of teaching, I inevitably began to get me some media attention. I have been featured in some of the well-known men’s magazines, major newspapers, and I have also done numerous radio and TV appearances. All this unexpected attention had finally lead me to a fantastic opportunity that I was given in August 2008, which was the chance to write my own book. I signed the publishing deal and spent the next 12 months writing “15 steps to becoming a master seducer”. (The book that women don’t want men to read) – The Noble Art of Seducing Women

bio2Teaching Methods

I prefer to teach my students “natural game” where by I take what the naturals do, and break it down in to systems, techniques and skills, which can be taught and then applied. As a result, my students come across as naturals rather than pick up artists!

My students range from the 40 year old virgins to the guys who are better than most naturals and pick up artists that I know, and who come to me simply to either practice and/or to learn the most advance game possible.


I have a wide range of popular products that have helped thousands of men across the world, who are unable to attend my courses, the art of being successful with women. These include


My team of expert trainers, stylists, my experienced wing girls and myself currently run the most popular ‘pick up training courses’ in both Europe and the USA. This includes the 12-hour PUA BOOTCAMP and the life changing 7-DAY PICK UP MASTERY COURSE.


At present I continue to do seminars around the world, and I make sure I attend all the workshops and courses that you can find on this website.

I have a 2-page weekly advice column in ZOO magazine, which gives the option for men all over the world to write in with their questions to me that if chosen, will be answered in print.

I try my best to help men via private tuition, but due to my heavy work schedule, it is advisable to contact me in regards to private training at least 2 months in advance.

In The Meantime…


I hope to meet you and work with you on one of the workshops, events or courses that can  found  out more about on this website :

Don’t forget to download your FREE e-books that I have personally written, I hope they get you started on your journey to becoming a man who has the power to choose who wants, rather than the man who waits to be chosen


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Kezia Noble and The Team

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27/01/18 United Kingdom 12-hour Bootcamp Kezia Noble and The Team in London Sold Out Sold Out
03/02/18 United Kingdom 12-hour Bootcamp Kezia Noble and The Team in London Available Buy Tickets
17/03/18 United Kingdom 12-hour Bootcamp Kezia Noble and The Team in London Available Buy Tickets