Pick up Training

Ever wanted to get the ultimate female opinion?

I have been privately coaching men around the world since 2006. From Tokyo to Paris from London to around the United States.  My students range not only from different cultures and age groups but also from different levels in relation to their success rate with women.

This includes the man with zero experience when it comes to women to the man who considers him self to have an average success rate, and simply wants to take his game to the next level that he feels he is ready for. I also teach men who have a fantastic success rate with very hot women, but who are hungry to learn even more advance techniques and methods such as the “L close” or the “threesome close”.

I am now even teaching men who are good to become pick-up coaches in their own right.

Why do men come to me for private one on one coaching?

Simple. I have a reputation for being totally 100 percent honest with my students. An honest female opinion is something that men so desperately want. Men are sick of women being too nice to give it to them straight. They don’t want to hear that they are a nice guy or a sweet guy, they want to know why they are not doing as well as they believe they can with women, I pride myself in being 100 percent honest with all my students at all times.

My style of teaching:

I take my experiences with the naturals in my life, naturals meaning the guys who are great at attracting lots of women but are clueless to why and how they do this. What I do, is I break down exactly what it is that I can see they are doing, and combine that with the knowledge I have obtained form working in the seduction community with some of the worlds best pick up artists . As a result the techniques, methods, and systems that I teach are fresh, original and thought provoking and more importantly when they are put in to practice the man will come off as a complete natural.

No vague advice

This is something I personally cannot tolerate. My advice is always detailed as well as honest. I do not allow vague advice to pass my lips such as:

“Just be your self”

“Smile more”

“Be more confident”

My advice and feedback is tailor made for each student.

What I cover

  • I teach from beginner level to advance level.
  • Dealing with approach anxiety
  • Getting in to appropriate state of mind
  • Openers
  • Day game
  • Direct game
  • Indirect game
  • Conversation skills (10 hook lead system)
  • Body language
  • Building rapport
  • Building deep connection
  • Kino
  • Sexual escalation
  • Getting away from the friends zone effectively
  • Number closing
  • Demonstrating high value
  • Dealing with difficult women/situations
  • Destroying bitch shields
  • Phone/text/email/facebook tips
  • “The L close”

All this whilst continually getting a powerful insight in to the female mind.

Private sessions are for minimum 2 hours (first session) and maximum 5 hours.


Nearly every single one of my students achieves the results they wanted. Testimonials can be sent via email on request.

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Kezia Noble and The Team

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