Crazy assumptions create conversation

Posted on January 05, 2012 0

As most of you know, my regular 12-hour bootcamps and 7-day mastery course, are conducted by my team of experts as well as myself.
I consider my team of:
Experienced and beautiful wing girls
Style coaches
Pick up experts
Dating instructors
to be the best there is.

Each instructor/coach and wing girl brings something valuable to our students. We do not rely on a ‘method’ or a ‘system’ when it comes to helping our students achieve maximum results. Instead, we prefer to work with the students in a more organic way.

What do I mean by this?

Each student who comes to me in need of my help, is treated as an individual, and therefore my team treat him as a individual too. Rather than handing over a tried and tested format to the student, that might work on some people but unfortunately might not on him, we instead choose to share our unique take, insight and advice, that will work congruently with his character and personality.

Mark J, who is one of my top day game instructors, used to find stopping women in the street and getting their numbers to be an awkward challenge. However, after a month of training with myself, he proved to be very successful at it.
He now teaches men how to overcome their approach anxiety, no matter how severe it is! He also shows men how to transition from the introduction stage to actually having a full blown conversation.

In this video, Mark J shares just one of his many techniques that can be easily applied, that will grab the girls attention and that will make her want to respond to you positively!

Making ‘crazy’ or ‘surreal’ assumptions about the woman that you spot in the day time (or night time) can produce very effective results, and this video he shows you how to do it and why it’s such a great technique.


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Here are just a few of the amazing video testimonials we have received from our past students:


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