Does looks matter?

Posted on October 02, 2011 9

Do looks matter?

A man who has what I call ‘natural advantage’ in other words ‘good looks’ has a slightly better chance in the ‘opening stages’ when he meets a woman in a club. (Don’t let anyone tell you this not true!)
But ONLY in the opening stage.
This means he is less likely to be ignored or dismissed immediately when he goes over to a woman and speaks to her. She will let him screw up his opening line, and forgive him for being a bit boring (if he is boring) for the first 5 to 10 minutes, but after that, if he doesn’t make any impact on her apart from his looks, then its game over.

I myself have been hit on by many very attractive men, in fact I have been hit on by men that are so good looking, that even other heterosexual guys have been checking him out with a purely non sexual gaze of appreciation.
Some of these handsome guys have done well, and PLENTY of them got nowhere with me or any of my friends either.
A good looking man is much like a very beautiful woman, often riddled with self doubts and a basic lack of belief and understanding in the INITIAL power they have on people who meet them.
Why I this?
A lot of good looking men have witnessed their far less good looking friends do well with the opposite sex, despite the fact that they are not as aesthetically pleasing as themselves, and as a result they end up convincing themselves that they are maybe..just maybe, not as hot as they believe. This is an extremely conflicting paradox that good-looking people face, and it’s hard for ‘average’ looking (for lack of a better word) people to understand how this can be possible.

The majority of very handsome men I have met, unintentionally reveal a very vulnerable side to them selves, which leaves an undesirable effect. It’s a conflicting paradox that is not attractive in any way shape or form. In fact, it’s repellent to women when they encounter it face to face.
If you consider your self to be below average in regards to the way you look, then YES, the opening stages are indeed very important, and its an area of pick up that you need to master, but once you have demonstrated high value, and a high level of self belief and a high level of confidence in the moment, then the rest of the interaction will be on the EXACT same level playing field as a ‘good looking’ guy.

Take this advice from a woman who has dated both good looking and NOT good-looking men!

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9 thoughts on “Does looks matter?

  1. sam

    If it’s just sex you are after, then hot guys can get it even if they don’t have much game. And girls even approach some guys i know.

    In fact i know some below average looking guys with really good game and always approach and hot guys get alot more sex then them without even approaching. And the hot guys have terrible game.

    All things being equal looks help and they can help a hell of alot.

  2. Jerry

    Guys should present them best of himself.It means you need to learn how to present the best of himself.There are natural good looking guys but some guys are some aura with coolness.Do you guys teach this part.Teach the best presentation.Yes,it will take time to reach to his best but I think there are some way to improve his package.Another contents side are his interesting experience and finance.Good shape,fashion,posture etc really change how this guy look.

    I believe there are baseline and social skills.Many of PUA schools teaches social skills but if you have strong base you don’t need strong social skills,just average is fine.

    You can’t change height and age but other part can change and improve it.

    In general,good looking guys have more experience than average joes when it comes to girls.Because they have more interaction that those guys.Plus they have confidence from their looks.

    Some people changed after he had good body then he boost confidence and became really attractive man.

    Not one time make over,I think it should be some course for baseline improvement for men.

  3. Roberto Black

    I understand what you’re saying and I agree. to a point ( of course right 😉 Looks may matter in the beginning, but they shouldn’t matter to the seducer! ( other than basic style and personal hygiene) How is the seducer going to know what kind of guy she normally likes? So if a seducer is walking around thinking about his looks and wondering if she’ll find him good looking enough! then He’s already given up the high ground and crashed his masculine vibe into a shit pile! It’s not the seducers job to reject himself it’s the hot babes job to do that, if she feels the inclination! But I fundamentally understand what you’re saying!

  4. Alexander

    This is an interesting take on it. I dunno if I’d go so far as five minutes. If the dude has massive approach anxiety and comes off really creepy it will be game over in the first few seconds.

  5. Mike Ord

    I’m far from good looking and I feel it has been a definite drawback for me in the dating game.
    In fact it probably explains why all of the women I have asked on a date….even when I was younger and more dynamic…went “Eeeeewwww…’Wouldn’t date that minger.” (This is not my view of myself by the way…but clearly it’s what the women were thinking judging by their reactions). When I was in my teens and twenties I couldn’t understand why a woman wouldn’t want to date me.

  6. Sampath

    What about my male model friends that get approached and into bed right before my eyes from women who are extremely hot and intelligent? They aren’t having very good game either, only mediocre game. I think its more about how they think and how they look. Do you agree?

  7. pedro

    In my opinion it’s not fundamental understand how can be the game of the person at issue.It might be helpful watching about people confident with women.For me it’s useful reading article,like these ones,don’t caring to enter into all seductors minds.I think in these cases it’s important to be shameless and carefree!

  8. Mike Ord

    Well I was deffo at the rear of the queue when looks were dished out and women have never found me the least bit attractive.

  9. Mr. J

    Looks matter yeah, but so does a persons personality. I can tell you that really attractive men don’t get approached unless they seem approachable, most women are intimidated by them. If your this kind of man, unless she approaches you, nothings gonna happen.
    It doesn’t matter if someone is better than you or not, we are all different and have different strengths and weaknesses. You’re(you) not defined by your weaknesses; your defined by your strengths and your potential. If you get in line with the rest of the ducks competing that makes you a duck and neurotic. Instead forget about them and know yourself – knowing that your are special just the way you are even if you don’t measure up to everyone’s standards. And we can’t all get along but if you search you will find someone for you. There isn’t any one standard – you will find all sorts of people dating all sorts of people. It’s always a good idea to improve yourself. If you don’t understand how special you are just the way you are, by the virtue of the fact you exist and that you are true to who you feel like inside, then it doesn’t matter how Ugly/Beautiful/Good/Bad your “game” is (unless you get a lucky break). If someone starts knocking on the base of your tower, it doesn’t matter how tall your tower of confidence is – its going to come crashing down.

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