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What a question!

I show guys the many ways to get a girl attracted to them. Since 2006 I have helped over 7000 men across the world attract women, showing them techniques, such as how to get a women in to bed. More of those skills and insights can be found in my book ‘Noble Art Of Seducing Women’ or my many DVDs and e-books which can be found on my PRODUCTS PAGE.
However, there are 5 main principles you need to remember if you want to get a girl to like you.

1. Always be closing!

If you don’t keep in mind your aim, which is of course to get her to become attracted to you, then you will end up in that dreaded ‘friend zone’ ! She will inevitably see you as just another ‘nice guy’.

Start showing a woman your desire for her early on in the interaction.

This does NOT mean you should make an ACTUAL move on her too soon! Instead, it means that you need to subtly make her aware of your intention. She needs to agknoweldge your desire towards her. This can be done through ‘double sided’ compliments and other effective innuendoes. The only reason you delay going in for the kiss or sealing the deal is because of your fear of rejection which is intwined with your fear of coming across as creepy or sleazy.However, the more excuses you make to not go for it, and the longer you delay it, then the more likely it is that she will reject you! This is because you would have unintentionally created a ‘Mr Nice Guy’ persona and would have inevitably established a platonic relationship , and hitting on her will total be incongruent with that relationship you mistakingly created!

2. Never be too available

Men and indeed women too, tend to make the mistake of becoming to available and eager when they meet someone they really like. This results in the other one taking them for granted, and to be completely honest with you, it reeks of desperation. A girl might say she likes a guy to call her and be available to spend lots of time with her, but in reality, women love to chase the guy and they respect him a whole lot more when he has demonstrated to them that he has a busy life and a fully booked diary of social events.

Make sure she appreciates the time she gets to spend with you, and in time, become more available, just make sure you don’t do it too soon!


3. Keep her second guessing

Women are less attracted to predictable men. This does not mean you need to adopt an erratic behavior! Instead, you can achieve an air of attractive unpredictably by working on your conversation skills.
I teach men how to make impact on women through their conversation techniques in my 10 Hook Lead System DVD SET and one of the many effective tips that I teach in the DVDS and to the men who come on bootcamps that you can apply, is simply to replace the usual dull and predictable questions you ask women with something more dynamic, that snaps her out of her ‘auto pilot mode’.

For instance when she tells you what her job is, avoid the usual bland responses such as:
“How long have you been doing that for?”
“ Do you like it?”


“Tell me three things you need to be to be good at what you do”


“Is that something you wanted to do when you were young? If not, what was it you always wanted to be?”

(There are literally hundreds of interesting responses to this one)

These alternatives will INSTANTLY gain her interest in the interaction,and will make you stand out from all the other guys who usually end up boring her within the first few minutes.

When you demonstrate the fact that you are ‘different’ from the other guys, she will be more inclined to want to get to know more about you, so when you tell her what you do for a living, or what your interests are, MAKE SURE you deliver your answers with originality! This will add a dynamic energy to the interaction and will keep her second guessing in regards to what you will say next.

Working on your conversation skills, picking your questions wisely and delivering unpredictable responses will create a powerful hairline shift in her perception of you.

4. Do not be one dimensional!

When you’re talking to a girl you like, make sure you add elements of the ‘past’ and the ‘future’ . What do I mean by this? Most guys just have chit-chat style conversations with girls which focus predominately on the ‘present’ However, if you include some preselected anecdotes that help to illustrate your interesting past, and a few positive ‘future projections’ such as your hopes, dreams and ambitions, you will not only make more of an impact on her, but you will also be conveying to her a more multi dimensional character which will come across much more intriguing and attractive.


Flirting makes us feel good and more importantly, if done correctly, it can shift the whole interaction with a woman to a whole new level. In my ATTRACTION TO SEDUCTION DVD set I explain in great detail how you can flirt with any woman, and from there, turn the initially harmless flirting into full blown sexual escalation.

If you avoid flirting with a woman entirely, she will be more likely to perceive you as potential ‘friend material’ which is something YOU DO NOT WANT.

Men often avoid flirting with a woman because they convince themselves that it will some how make them across as creepy or sleazy, and this fear is usually a direct result of not actually knowing how to flirt! Flirting must be done sporadically and the aim of flirting is to shift the platonic interaction into something more seductive. In THIS VIDEO I touch on the art of flirting.

If you want more detailed structures and techniques on how to flirt with women and how to sexual escalate with women and how to create desire within any girl you like then you need to CLICK HERE for more information.

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9 thoughts on “How to get a girl to like you

  1. Vinnie

    Hey Kezia, I’m Vinnie. So, I watched your youtube video “How to make her want you” talking about breaking report (if that’s how you spell it) and someting came to mind. Sooo, let’s say the exact thing happens to me (a guy) from a girl even though she has a boyfriend but she has already told me flat out that she’s interested? Is she just messin with my head? Because I already know she loves to play games, I’m just not used to being on the other end of those games. I’m a young, talented, handsom, confident guy and It’s usually me who plays the games and makes her want me, but she’s different. . . . Why? Should I just ride it out and see what happens or should I cut it off completely, or what? I would love some help, especially from you or one of your team members. Thanks for your time, can’t wait to hear back.


  2. Louis

    Hi Kezia, thanks I’m impressed and think you are a great girl! And I really feel attracted to you…..I feel want to know you more. What can I do to get hold of you, because I feel you are the only one whom I have spend many years looking for.

  3. Dave H.

    I completely agree with you when you say that the most obvious impediment to a man’s success with women is essentially his own fear of rejection (or of success). I’m in my early 20’s and am in the process of transforming myself from former introvert to full-blown ladies man and social butterfly. The best advice I’ve received which you have repeated somewhat in your post is that for the most part men are their own worst enemies. I just subscribed to your newsletter and look forward to what the world’s foremost woman pickup artist has to say! You rock Kezia and it helps that you’re a knock out combo of smoking hot, gorgeous, and intelligent 🙂

  4. Arknoah akozor

    Hello chearing kezia,thanks for d coprate asoshieate for male and female conection,anyway to be honest am not perfect but am strong in relaiable guy hu dosent no how to be responsible for whout every man do as a man,i only no how to be responsible for everyting that i do as a man,to love my woman is me,to do anything not to hurt her is me,to pet her like a baby is me,to be there 4 her wenever she need me is me,kezia pls i need a female hu is intergrity and ready to mary me,love me forever.thanks kezia i will be very greatefull if my request will be put into considration.

  5. Google

    Excellent website. A lot of helpful info here. I’m sending
    it to a few friends ans also sharing in delicious.

    And of course, thank you for your effort!

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