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This is probably one of the most important books that you will ever read in your life.

Have you ever had the feeling that your stuck in an endless rotation of friend zone scenarios?

Have you ever wondered to yourself “Why am I always getting friend zoned specifically by the women I’m attracted to” ?

Do you believe that you have so much more to offer a woman than just another ‘pleasant nice guy experience’ ?

Does it frustrate you when you hear women saying that they want a nice guy, but when you offer them that, they reject you and go for someone else who doesn't SEEM to have any of those ‘Nice Guy’ qualities she SAYS she wants in a man?

Do you want to be able to express clearly who you are, your passions, your interests, your desires and start making strong impact with women?

‘Go from ‘approval seeker’ to the man of strength and integrity’

Do you want her to see you as an attractive and dynamic man rather than just another forgettable Nice Guy?

Do you want to stop get friend zone?

Do you want to know how to BREAK FREE from the friend-zone and get her to notice, respect and desire you more?

Are you ready to find out what women really want in a man, and embrace the realisation that you already possess many of the qualities that will make her want you? - I can’t wait to prove that part to you!

Are you ready to accelerate your success rate with women on to an incredibly dramatic level?

If you answered YES to just ONE of those questions then this book which has taken me over FOUR YEARS to complete is going to blow your mind!



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I’m going to be sharing with you the 20 STEPS that will take you from your current situation to a reality of abundance and success.

Each step will show you how to become more attractive, more selective, more unique, more impactful and more irresistible to women. Even the women who don’t consider you ‘their type’ or the women who have locked you in the friend-zone. Even they will become intrigued and aroused by what they see in you.


Now as you know, my reputation for radical honesty and completely bullsh*t free insight into the female mind are a huge reason for why I have helped thousands of men to get real results with women. This e-book contains some my most unashamedly honest insights yet!

Those TRUTHS are there to serve you and help you to reach your own personal goals.

However, I must stress this next point, each step can be applied in a way that remains in alignment with your own personal values, lifestyle, cultural background and long term objectives.


I’m sharing some really EYE OPENING and MIND BLOWING secrets in this one. Share them with your female friends if you want, and I guarantee you that after their initial surprise at the honesty of the content, they will confess that ALL I have shared is BANG ON TARGET.

I’m not interested in feeding you advice that gets the approval of feminists, I’m only interested in giving you REAL ADVICE and easy to apply tactics and strategies that will produce real and rapid results.


Nice guys really do finish last! But here’s some good news, you don’t need to be the ‘bad guy’ in order to attract women either. I’m going to show you how to confidently convey your assets, your humour, your passions, your interests, your opinions, your personal trajectory and all the other amazing qualities that you possess. I’m going to show you how to make impact with women, how to challenge them, how to tease them, how to flirt with them, how to sexually escalate with them and connect with them in ways that the ‘nice guy’ can never dream of achieving.


One of the most common predicaments that my students often face is falling into the FRIEND-ZONE TRAP and getting LOCKED into a hopeless and frustrating stage with women they are attracted to.

I’m going to show you exactly how to FREE yourself from the friend-zone and break the endless cycle of getting friend-zoned time and time again. Whether you’ve been friends with her for 2 days or 2 years!

‘Stop coming from a place of neediness and start emulating a state of abundance’

Here’s just some of what you will receive:

  • Multiple techniques that will create a strong and positive impact with the women you meet.
  • A complete flush out of all obsolete ‘nice guy’ tactics and game plans.
  • Powerful incremental steps that will free you from the friend zone.
  • Attraction triggers that will spark her interest in getting to know you on a more seductive level.
  • Phase shifting techniques that will generate evocative responses from women.
  • The ability to project strength and confidence.
  • Conversation techniques that will help make you stand out from the ocean of men she talks to.
  • Micro tactics that will create early hair line shifts in her perception of you and the interactions.
  • Mind blowing strategies that will turn your current situation with her into the one you want.

‘Replace the old Nice Guy game plan with the dynamic tactics and fast working strategies of the naturals’

  • The freedom to be who you want to be.
  • Eradication of shame, embarrassment and uncertainty.
  • Sexual escalation techniques.
  • The complete mastery of radical honesty and unapologetic truth.
  • The empowerment of recognising that you are man who will love or f*ck her like no other man she’s experienced.
  • A ground-breaking system that can be applied in a way that remains 100% CONGRUENT with your core principles, your life style and your own personal values as a man.
  • The TEN principles of the attractive male character.
  • The ability to turn a negative response into a positive outcome.
  • Mind management techniques.The art of playful seduction.

An invaluable insight into what women respond to and what they really want.


If you’re ready to end the cycle of disappointing responses and flaky numbers, and if you’re serious about getting off that depressing conveyer-belt of endless friend zones, then THIS BOOK IS YOUR GATEWAY.

Your gateway to success with women.

Your gateway to more positive experiences.

Your gateway to a reality of satisfaction and fulfilment.

Your gateway to a more positive and harmonious association with women and relationships.

Your gateway to an abundance of opportunities.



Only $47

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