How to Seduce Women

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Learn seduction

Face it: You want to seduce a woman. You want to bring her home with you, get her in bed, and enjoy a lot of time with her. And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that!
Sex is a big part of a relationship. It’s important that you have great sexual chemistry with your partner so one part of your relationship could flourish. And that’s why you have to learn how to seduce the woman that you like—and you’ll learn about that in this article!

It all starts with the right message

First, the art of seducing women has a lot to do with giving her time. It’s important for women to see that a guy who’s interested in her can actually spend time with her and be there for her. One of the ways for this to start is by sending her a text message, but make it sound like a booty call. Make it flirty by sending emoji’s or smileys, but don’t go overboard and don’t be oh so clingy right away because some girls actually like the chase! Ask her how she is, and then proceed to ask her if she’d like to hang out. Doing so could open a window of possibilities for you!

Then comes dating

Once you have opened your communication channels, you can start dating. Please, don’t ask her to make plans. Yes, it’s okay to ask her about her preferences or about what she wants to do but it would be better if you actually have something amazing planned for her because it would show her that your brain can function the right way. Girls hate it when guys ask them out on a date and it turns out that the man doesn’t actually have proper plans. That’s a major turn off!

Once you’re out on a date, make sure that you look good and you smell good. Scents of sandalwood or peppermint are known to make women susceptible to men and are very enticing for them! Also, make sure you don’t do the same things every single time. Girls love surprises and you can make them be interested in you and like you more if you’d actually have amazing surprises every time, instead of going on the same version of a date over and over again.

Sweet Nothings

Then, you can seduce her more by inviting her out on social gatherings with you, if she’s comfortable with it. Doing so makes a girl feel better because somehow, it has a way of making her feel secure and that she’s now more than just a page in your book and she’s now a big part of your world. And, if someone says mean comments about her, feel free to actually protect her and make her feel that those comments do not matter and that you love her—and everybody else can just go back to their hiding places! Keep her close to you all night, whisper sweet nothings in her ear, and go ahead and tease her. Touch her in places she’s comfortable with so you could build up some excitement and make her long for you! Surely, she’d find this sexy and so she would want more from you later—and who knows what fun you guys could have?

Just Enjoy

And of course, once you’re doing the deed and she lets you do it with her, make sure that you make her feel safe and don’t make her freak out with the threat of pregnancy and the like. It’s good to keep things slow but steady so you could enjoy more time with each other and so you could do more! You could actually learn about this from the media, you know? You could learn from movies or books and even simple news articles about tips regarding seducing women, and about how you could do your best in bed. Sometimes, girls like it when they can liken you to their favorite actors or models because they could fantasize about you more! Tell her she’s beautiful and amazing. As most women are insecure, it’s important to make them feel like the best person in the world and that they’re able to give you what you want and need.

Sexiness Personified

You know what else they find sexy?

Girls like it when you could actually balance your time for work and for them. It’s good when they know that you don’t live only because of your work, but also for those times when you get to be with them. They like it when both of you can just wallow in your privacy as a couple instead of having contact with everybody else all the time. This would make her feel that no matter what, you’re able to give her time and share precious moments with her, and that’s always important in a relationship. It’s actually important for people who are simple and reserved to feel this way, instead of making the relationship something that’s available for everyone else to consume and watch.

You also should learn how to be readable. Don’t make the girl feel like she has to be a psychic just to get through to you. You have to open your heart and yourself to them, too, so they won’t feel like you’re only there when you need them in bed and nothing more. Balance is key to any successful relationship.

Two to Tango

And, while you get lost in each other, don’t let seduction run out of flames. Make sure that you learn more about each other over time and that you still ask her what she likes, so you could give her what she wants. The relationship should be a two way thing. Avoid making a wrong turn by making her feel inadequate, or making her feel that she’s not special. Stay true to her.

Always make it a point to remind her that she’s amazing and that she’s the most important girl in the world for you.

When you know how to properly seduce a woman, everything else would come easy and you could focus on making the relationship better. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be on the right track!

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