How to TEXT a girl

posted on November 08, 2012 10

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This is such a common problem that guys have!
What text do you send to a girl after you get her number?

Sounds simple right? But, if it’s so simple, then why do so many guys end up with FLAKEY numbers?

I believe, that when I give my number to a guy I have met, that there is POTENTIAL! However, guys usually screw it up when it comes to the text message, and as a result like most girls, I decide to be a FLAKE!
how to text a girl
In this video, I share with you, 3 important tips that will help you seal the deal!
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10 thoughts on “How to TEXT a girl

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  2. Chief

    A lot of guys prefer to just text because it’s low-pressure and they can hide behind the written word… but things motivated by fear generally end up ruining your game!

    In my opinion, the less texting, the better. Too many variables you can’t control when text-gaming that you can easily control when face to face.

  3. Daniel

    Hey Kezia, stop teasing with those round sexy breasts of yours … and quit calling, it was only one night, ok.

  4. Socialkenny the black Cassanova

    I heard of similar products with the same name as far as the name of the e-book on texting that you have. So I’m actually wondering if yours is the 1 I’d been hearing about for a while. Anyway, doesn’t matter. I’ll check it out ( the video).

  5. zhorik

    What is a good reply if a women asks you “Do I get a gold star?” after answering a general question I asked. Sounded like an opportunity to say a good flirty line

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