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pick up womenThese days, dating women is not just about making them want to go out with you, or asking them to give you some of their time. Dating could now be considered as an art—and one of the ways it could happen is by becoming a pick up artist, as kezia Noble teaches.

Research has it that science and health has a lot to do with this art, no matter how unusual it sounds. The thing is that when men come into contact with women, and they get to somehow invade the privacy of a woman without making the woman feel awkward or uncomfortable, it’s a sign that they’re now part of that woman’s existence and that they’re allowed to be part of her world.

More so, the art of having to pick up women is now considered by a lot of men as a form of work. You have these pick up artists from all over the world who make use of their culture and knowledge as a means to impress women. You have people like Erik Von Malkovich of VH1 fame who used his wits and charm to pick up women and make people look his way. True to his intentions, he makes use of humor that has a lot to do with current events to make sure that women are able to relate to him. When someone makes use of events that are somehow related to a woman’s likes or character, it’s easier for him to get the woman’s attention and so he’s able to get her go out on a date with him, and maybe even take her home after.

Learning Is Important

Being a pick up artist is no mean feat, though. It’s something that you have to learn and master if you want to become effective at it. You have to make sure that you read an article or two about the said line, you save a lot of images in your phone or your computer in png or jpg extensions and the like, just so you can study these images and learn what you can learn about women, watch a video about how to up your ante and make sure you get women’s attention, not be afraid to check out links that have a lot to do with the said line of work, and just show yourself out there. After all, no one will be able to give you any kind of attention if you stay cooped up at home all day, right?

You can start by self-studying. Take cues from famous artists like The Matador, another VH1 alumnus who is known for his wits, and for having the power to seduce women without coming off as too forward. What’s great about him is that though he’s known as a jerk sometimes, he was able to utilize his skills in such a way that women find it right to go out with him, without having a hard time! Or, what about The Gambler, who’s known for his many pick up styles and the fact that he never ever, bores women and that’s why he’s wanted by many?

And, there’s also Neil Strauss, more popularly known as The Style, who wasn’t only able to go out with the women he likes, but was able to come out strong, even though he started as just an average Joe whom women didn’t give any time of day to. In fact, he said that there were a lot of times in the past when he wanted to give up already because it seemed like nothing great was ever going to happen to his life. Now, he has released his own book about picking up women and is considered as one of the best artists out there! Talk about a 180 degree change!
After doing that, you can enroll yourself in a pick-up mastery course. You’d be surprised to know that there are actually a lot of courses you can enroll in, especially online, and some of them are even for free! This way, you can really enhance your skills and make sure that you’ll be on the top—literally and figuratively!

The Truth

So, does this mean that dating is now just a game and it can no longer be taken seriously? And, does this also mean that relationships are now only happening just for fun, and nothing else?
Well, if that’s how you want to view it then no one can blame you. But, come to think of it, just because you’re trying to learn something, or you want to enroll yourself in an unconventional class doesn’t mean that you’re treating things as a game. It could actually be a sign that you just want to learn more so you could do more—and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Furthermore, if you come to terms with it, you cannot only use the art of picking up women as a line of work but also as a way to really capture women’s attention and hopefully get the woman of your dreams to go out with you sooner or later. You can put to mind that there’s definitely nothing wrong with wanting to be on top of the social ladder. After all, everyone needs someone else to go out with them and be part of their lives and trying to make things right by learning more about it is definitely not a mistake.

By learning how to talk the talk, and walk the walk, you’re able to put yourself out there in a good way instead of letting the world eat you up. Sure, the world is changing—and that’s why you have to learn how to change with it.

Try it now

Once you enroll in a pick-up mastery course, understand what the trade is about, and make sure that you do your best, chances are you’ll be able to share your time with the person that you like—and get her to like you back!

Learn to pick up women now—you’d surely thank yourself for it later!

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