PUA Training

PUA training literally translates as ‘PICK UP ARTIST TRAINING

PUA stands for pick up artist or pick up artists.

The seduction or the PUA community is one of the fastest growing communities on the planet. Originally the community was formed back in 1998 in North America, and consisted of young frustrated men who were in search of finding the skills that would show them how to talk to girls as well as help them become more attractive to women. They turned to self proclaimed pick up artists who through trial and error created systems, techniques and routines that would help them to achieve considerable results with women.

The community began to spread rapidly across the globe, but it was the release of the number 1 bestselling book ‘THE GAME’ written by Neil Strauss that launched the PUA/SEDUCTION community into the public eye.

As a result, the notion of ‘pick up’ was no longer treated as something strange or weird, and in fact, well known men who already possessed a natural ability to attract women, became fascinated with ‘pick up’ and their desire to be even better with women lead them to studying the many available pick up resources that can be found on the internet,

However, as with all communities and schools of knowledge, there comes a time where an idea or a person comes along and shakes off the dust that collects in eras of stagnation.

In 2006, Kezia Noble was the first woman who entered the community. She became a in demand instructor, who’s valuable, honest and direct feedback and insight int the female mind was the very piece that was missing in relation to the progress men were making. Some men feel uncomfortable with the idea that a woman feels she can help men increase their success rate with women, but the majority have welcomed the idea, as Kezia Nobles’ advice is not ‘vague’ and ‘nice’, like most of the ineffective advice that female dating coaches dish out.

Kezia has earned the reputation ‘The bitch with a heart’.

Her advice and feedback is detailed and honest, but her intentions have always been and still are, ONLY to get men REAL results with women.

Kezia Noble and The Team

Date Programme City Spaces Tickets  
03/06/17 United Kingdom PUA Bootcamp Kezia Noble and The Team in London Available Buy Tickets
24/06/17 - 25/06/17 United States Platinum Bootcamp Kezia Noble and The Team in Miami Available Buy Tickets
01/07/17 - 02/07/17 United States Platinum Bootcamp Kezia Noble and The Team in Vegas Available Buy Tickets
08/07/17 - 09/07/17 United States Platinum Bootcamp Kezia Noble and The Team in Miami Sold Out Sold Out