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Kezia Noble has helped over quarter of a million men get the relationship they always wanted with the type of woman they always considered to be ‘out of their league’ or the type of woman who would once upon a time ‘never give him a second look’. Showing them how to get a girlfriend.

In this age of endless opportunities, men are facing these challenges:

“Women never want to settle down with me”
“I can’t sustain a relationship“
“There’s always another guy or an ex-boyfriend distracting her”
“Women ALWAYS friend zone me”
“I only attract the women I don’t want, and never the ones that I desire”
“Women just see me as a ‘nice guy’ and take advantage of that”
“I don’t know how to take it from a platonic relationship to something more”
“I have no idea what women REALLY want”

Kezia recognises the fact that on one level we often proclaim that we know exactly what we want from the ideal partner, and yet ,on our actions and decisions express the fact that we are often attracted and drawn to people who don’t seem to ever fit that description. This extremely common idiosyncrasy that millions of people face can often send out mixed messages to others as well as to ourselves.

Kezia Noble shows men how they don’t have to compromise their character and personality in
order to fit an ‘exact type’ or to tick a bunch of boxes in order for women to fall in love with him.

Once men understand what really attracts a woman, he will no longer need to constantly bend his own reality in accordance with hers. He will no longer need to come across as ‘someone else’ in order to impress her, or take on the role of “Mr Nice Guy’ . He can literally for the first time ever, attract her without comprising his own qualities.

Kezia’s top FIVE relationship rules.

1.Don’t try and be everyones ‘type’

Never pretend or try to be his/her type. Attraction is not about ticking boxes or possessing a particular lifestyle or image in order to somehow ‘trick’ or ‘seduce’ the person into liking something you have to offer. When you understand the power and techniques of attraction, you will be able to have relationships even with someone who initially didn’t think you were their ‘type’

2. No ultimatums

Never pressure someone to getting into a relationship with you. None of us ever imagine we would ever make such a classic mistake like this, but when we really like someone we often lose our intellectual and practical sense of the situation. Always make the other person feel that it was their choice and their desire to embark on a relationship with you. This will ultimately hand you a lot more power within the relationship and make the other person appreciate you a whole lot more.

3. You both need space

Never sacrifice your hobbies, pastimes, friends or your dedication to your ventures. ! You need space and your partner needs space too.! Of course there comes a point in the relationship where compromises will have to be made, and when you face those points, you need to make sure that those compromises are made to ENHANCE your relationship. Remember that your partner fell in love with you for you, not your potential or what they feel they could somehow manipulate you into becoming. You always need a life that remains separate from your relationship. This does not mean you need to prioritise your social life or hobbies or career though. This is about creating a balance that will help promote and sustain a more healthy relationship.

4. Remember you always have other options

Make sure your partner recognises you other options. This is extremely important.! You must always make sure that your partner is never entirely responsible for your ultimate happiness. We often get too comfortable when in a relationship and we believe the other person will always be there so we never dare to imagine what it would be like outside the warm womb – like security of that relationship. This goes back to POINT 3. You always need to nurture and ‘keep up’ your life that is outside the relationship. You need to convey the message that what ever happens, even if they decide to leave you or give you some sort of ultimatum, you will NEVER break or beg them to stay , because you know that your ultimate happiness is down to you and not dependent on other people. This will signify strength and confidence which again will serve to heighten attraction and increase the appreciation they have for you.

5. Sustain the sexual lust.

You should always be focused on sustaining the ‘attraction’ within your relationship. This is not about sustaining love, this is about making sure that the elements of excitement, spontaneity and lust are kept going through out the time you’re together. Many affairs are caused often by ‘boredom’ or because one of the partners felt they were ‘unappreciated.’ This can be avoided if both partners realise that although sex and lust are only part of the equation to a healthy relationship, it is still a crucial part that is often over looked once you get too comfortable or begin taking the relationship for granted.

“My intention is to help people obtain the confidence , self belief and insights that will help them to achieve a more fulfilling reality, I stay away from classic ‘text book’ advice and generic and repeated ideas that many relationship experts out there tend to dish out. My methods are powerful and my insights into the female mind are honest. I believe that these are the core reasons for why I have helped so many men understand how to utilise the power of attraction and increase their success level with women and get the relationships they always wanted” – Kezia Noble

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