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The 7 day course, is the highest rated course in the whole PUA community. Totally immersing yourself in this intense and highly rewarding 7 day experience will change your life for ever.

Your current level of success with women, will accelerate dramatically to a level of undisputed excellence.

Men of all ages from around the world have changed their lives around completely, and now they no longer wait around for women to choose them, they are the ones who are choosing!

What they are saying:

“If only i had done this amazing course years ago! My life is now full of dates with beautiful women, I can choose who I want, rather than hoping desperately that someone will like me like I used to.Kezia and her team were not only sincere and honest, but they pushed me to achieve things that I once thought were impossible. Every hour of the 7 day course I felt more confident and could see my results increasing and increasing. The instructors positivity was relentless, and their belief in me and what I could achieve was amazing. Those 7 days were the toughest and best days of my life, and now I am living the life I always wanted.” - Neil London.

“One word: Unbelievable. That word kept coming out of my mouth from day to 1 all the way to day 7. I never knew I could achieve these kind of results, and I am still amazed now when I see myself in bed with a beautiful woman I only met a few hours before. This course was serious but at the same time I had a lot of fun learning. The no nonsense focus that I was given from all the trainers and wing girls and of course the ever honest Kezia, was essential in helping me with the success `I have with women today. I recommend this course to any one who wants ti improve their results with women and improve their life style in general. Totally worth it.” - Bobby Washington DC

“I can not recommend this course highly enough. Every guy should do it, no matter what level he is at. Personally , I was doing ok with women before I came to Kezia, but I felt that after hearing what one of my friends said about this course that he had done a year before, that doing ‘ok’ with women was not enough! And I was right! Kezia and her team, don't settle for guys to just do ‘ok’ with women, they want you to achieve the highest results with women possible.Their attention to detail, encouragement, honesty and belief helped make me be better in attracting woman in all areas! I now have a wonderful girlfriend, who is stunning and intelone else and continue my success with women. Thank you Kezia for making this possible” - Andreas, San Diego.

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If you want to be the very best you can possibly be with women, and take your current success rate with women to the highest level imaginable, then this course is perfect for you!

The 7 day mastery course, is tailor made to suit your needs, and every student who attends this course is treated as TOP PRIORITY by the whole team including Kezia Noble.

If you want to find out how you can reach the highest level of pick-up mastery, and obtain the knowledge and power that will give you a masters level of success with women, then you need to read on..


This ULTIMATE SEVEN DAY COURSE is sending shockwaves through the seduction community and here is why:

We will take your success rate to an incredible height.

You will learn and master every aspect of game

You will be taught one on one by some of the best instructors and wing girls in the world

You will be taught by the worlds leading female dating expert for men and published author of the much talked about book: ’15 steps to becoming a master seducer’ Kezia Noble.

For 7 days you will eat,sleep and breath PICK UP MASTERY

For 7 days you will get the type of intense training that will give you the type of success with women you never thought was possible



That’s correct! You will get OVER 75 hours of personal one on one coaching from the best seduction coaches, dating experts,,pick up instructors and experienced wing girls in the UK. (This would usually cost an absolute fortune!)

Every instructor, coach and wing girl that are on our pua team are usually fully booked up with students almost every day of the week all year round, and the chances you can get hold of them for one on one tuition is slim, but if you are on the 7 day course, they will make you their number 1 priority!


In 7 days you will become a master of the following:

Approaching “For 7 days you will be approaching the hottest girls on the streets and in the clubs. No matter how bad you believe your approach anxiety is, we will nail it swiftly. By the end of the course you will be the man who is choosing the women he wants not the man who waits to be chosen by who ever he can get”
Day game “For 7 days you will be approaching and talking with women in the streets, shops, coffee shops, parks, book stores, public transport and galleries and anywhere else that women will be during the day light hours! You will not believe the results you will achieve when mastering the art of picking up women in the daytime! Why just settle for meeting women at bars and clubs, when you can meet women in your lunch break?”
Night game For 7 straight nights in a row, you will be taken out to the best clubs and bars that London has to offer, accompanied with your own instructor, who will be giving you detailed feedback and advice every step of the way! You will be taken to some of the MOST HIGH-END nightclubs in London, including places where models and celebrities frequent on a regular basis. “You will have access to London's VIP parties and “MEMBERS ONLY” NIGHT CLUBS and put on the best “GUEST LISTS”Every aspect of night game success will be taught to you in order for you to obtain unstoppable results every time you go into a club or a bar”
Opening sets “Whether its 2 girls on a night out or a group of models at a night club or a huge group on a hen party, you will learn how to open them with ease. say good bye to approach anxiety, and replace tat with complete confidence”
Dealing with difficult women “Every guy has met the inevitably beautiful girl who hides herself behind a difficult barrier! But rather than give up like most men do the moment a challenge is thrown their way. YOU WIL LEARN HOW TO MEET THAT CHALLENGE HEAD ON AND WIN! Whether she is painfully shy, non-responsive, high maintenance or has an overwhelming bitch shield, it will make no difference to you! For 7 days you will encounter every type of woman and will be able to deal with any TYPE of woman effortlessly’
Conversation skills/ building comfort

“You will master the art of conversation by applying the in demand “10 hook lead system “ in to practice for 7 days.

You will never run out of material ever again. The dreaded and very common sticking point of ‘running out of things to say’ will no longer exist!

“You will understand how to transition from that opening line to full blown comfort within seconds! We will show you how to keep the girls attention without having to do magic tricks or play the fool. Instead, you will master the art of keeping a woman's attention both psychologically and emotionally in a way that is 100 percent congruent with who you are.

Deep connection ‘You will master the art of making deep connection with women, which will increase the quality of your results and future relationships in a way you could not imagine”
Personal style “For 4 hours you will have your very own stylist help you maximize your image. Whatever your budget is, our stylist Daniel Johnson will work with your personality and ideas and lifestyle in order to give you the best image that works with YOU!”
Follow up game “Once you start getting all those telephone numbers, you will be wondering what move to make next. We will show you what those next crucial moves are in relation to what you want from the girl. Flakey numbers are a thing of the past! Get ready to turn those numbers into dates!”
Number closing “You were learn a number of effective ways to getting girls telephone numbers on a rapid scale, and of course, how to make sure those numbers don’t turn out to be flakes”
Sexual escalation

“You will learn the skills and techniques that will make you MASTER SEDUCER. We don’t want you to just get a whole new phone book of hot girls telephone numbers! We want you to have multiple SEXUAL results with hot women whilst you are on the 7-day course too.

The sexual escalation skills you will learn on the course will be yours to keep forever and you can repeat the success you have on the course afterwards.

Dealing with amogs “Don’t you just hate it when a guy steps in whilst you are doing really well with sexy girl, he could be her friend or just some random guy who has decided to try and ruin your chances with the sexy girl? As you get better with women, ALPHA men will notice, and they will either like you and want to be your friend, or unfortunately they will try to amog you, but on the 7 day course you will learn how to destroy this kind of guy within seconds (not physically of course) and will sweeten the final result, because it will boost the attraction levels the woman has for you.
State control

“On the 7 day course you will have a mind blowing session with a top ‘inner confidence’ coach. He will show you how to get in to an empowering state of mind, which you can tune in to when ever you need to”.

This course is about self-development as well as becoming a master seducer. By the end of the 7 days you will feel empowered in other areas of your life not just pick-up.

Strip –game “For one night, you will be taken to London’s leading strip club, where you will learn the STRIP-GAME SYSTEM, which you will discover teaches you a lot more than just simply attracting beautiful strippers. This will be a night to remember.”


On the ultimate 7-day course you will also master the following:

Social proof
Phone game
Online dating
Text game
Kiss closing
Follow up dates
Body language
Same night lay
The entire collection of DVDs and e-books that can be found on this website PUA PRODUCTS.


How much will this incredible life changing course cost?

This is not just a pick up course that will make you good with women, this is so much more. Your life style, social skills, confidence and self-belief will be re-engineered. Your new skills will shape your future to a powerful level!

All of this would usually cost you in the region of £12,000- £15,000! Which is understandably a lot of money, regardless of how much it will change your life!

The 75 hours + of one on one coaching with our master trainers, coaches, wing men and wing girls would cost £10,000 in its self!

Kezia Noble has currently a 4 month waiting list for private tuition , and this is set to increase very soon.

BUT Kezia gives TOP PRIORITY to all the men who attend the 7 day mastery course, so expect to work with Kezia on a one on one basis when you do this.

So how much can you have all for? £4000 Yes, you read right! Only £4000


Yes, I would like to attend the 7 day residential

Only £4000


>> Click here to SECURE YOUR PLACE NOW AND PAY LATER (Instalment plan) DEPOSIT £1000


Deposits of a thousand pounds are non refundable and serve as a cancellation fee.


We have an installment option set in place for those of you who wish to secure a place by making a deposit, and who wan the option of paying the remaining full amount in their own time.

If you want to start by making a deposit and setting up an installment plan contact Kezia Noble directly here:

This course is attracting more and more men from across the globe who want to increase their success rate with women, and as a result we will try our upmost best to secure you your preferred dates that you wish to attend, however, due to demand, please allow a few weeks leeway. Once we have mutually agreed on your start date, we will not alter those dates.


BONUS OFFER - If you wish to share your 7 day experience with a friend, then contact Kezia to find out how you can both save over £1500 each on the 7 day mastery course or

==> click here to secure your place

Still haven't enrolled?

Many of my students just need a little more information before making the decision that will change their current situation with women to a whole new level.

Chances are, you'll find the answer to your question below. If you have any further questions about the course, remember you can always contact me or a member of my team at

Q: Will the 7 day course cater to all my personal sticking points and needs?

A: Yes. This is the ultimate course in pick up and seduction and over all social skills, which means that the course is entirely bespoke and tailor made for you.

Before the start of the course, you will a receive a telephone consultation call or Skype call from Kezia Noble, in order to pre-structure the entire 7 day course for you. However during the 7 days if you or Kezia feels that another instructor needs to be selected in order to help you in your progress then this alteration will be made.

Q: Will I get a full written report at the end of my course from all the instructors?

A: yes, you will receive every written report that the instructors create after each session they have with you. This will be a perfect way to see your own personal progression you have made each day.

Q: Does it matter if I am too old?

A: No. We have worked with all age groups, from 18 to 57!
We fully understand that there are tweaks and slight alterations that need to be made in regards to some of the skills and techniques that we share on the residential for our more mature students. Again, this goes back to the ethos of the team, which is that all who come to us are treated like an individual.

Q: Will there be follow up help and advice after the course?

A: Yes.

After you have completed your 7-day experience, it will be extremely likely that you will not need anymore help, however,myself and one of my leading instructors on the team, will contact you to see if you have any further questions and to generally see how you are getting along. This is important to us, as we the 7 day course is a very bonding experience for the student and the instructors, and we genuinely care about all who come to our 7-day course.

Q: Can I bring a friend to do the course with me?

A: Yes, there is a fantastic offer for you if you wish to have a friend join you for the week. Please see above for more information about this. Or you can contact myself or a member on the team here:

Q: Will I get to work with Kezia?

A: Absolutely! Unlike a lot of other pick up courses out there, that fail to mention the complete absence of their star instructors and their CEO on the course, I am proud to say that you will not only be working with me, but also ALL the star instructors and wing girls that our featured on my team page

Q: Will I get 100 percent honest feedback?

A: Yes. Myself and my team pride ourselves in giving all the men who come to us, the most detailed and honest feedback that they will EVER receive. Of course, this is accompanied with equally detailed advice.

Q: Will the male instructors prove to me their skills whilst infield?

A: Yes. I only choose instructors to become part of the team, if they can demonstrate on demand the very skills they are teaching. Unfortunately a lot of so called pick up coaches have a lot of ‘theory based’ techniques, which means they can talk the talk but fail to walk the walk. The male instructors on my team, love demonstrating their skills, so long as this helps and encourages you to do the same.

Q: Can I pay for the course in installments?

A: Yes. So long as the full amount has been received by your chosen start date. Please contact to discuss and set up an installment plan, which you have total control of.

Q: Can I work with the style consultant ‘Daniel Johnson’ on the course?

A: Yes. Just let us know that you wish to be styled by Daniel `johnson, and he will be booked for day 1 of the course. (The price is included in the full payment)

Q: Does matter if I have very little experience or success with women?

A: No. We have helped men from all over the world with every type of sticking point imaginable, and from every starting point possible. If you feel you might be some what of a challenge ( for lack of a better description) then brilliant! We love challenges, and so far our track record has been 100 percent successful.

Q: Why you and not another pick up company?

A: There are literally 48 reasons I could give you, for coming to one of my 7 days courses rather than another companies.

I believe that our students success rate is the main one, (Take a look at just a handful of the video and written testimonials on this page and HERE

But another decisive factor for why you should make the choice to take the 7-day experience, is that I am the only female pick up expert for men. I am not a dating coach, or a nice girl who will give you vague advice such as ‘Just be your self’! The honest , direct and detailed feedback that I will be giving you , and that you need to hear and acknowledge, is something that no other pick up coach can provide.

It is also worth pointing out that I have been teaching men from across the world since 2006, and in the past I was employed as a indapendent consultant by a few “PickUp Artist” companies to attend their courses and workshops as either a guest speaker or as a master instructor, and so I have had the opportunity to clearly identify what it was that made their courses weak. Whether it was the structure of the courses or the level of attention to detail or the general quality (or lack of quality I should say) of the instructors and coaches that they had working for them.

Unfortunately ,on these other pick up artist courses, I’ve seen instructors and wing girls ignore students whilst they were meant to be helping them, and I have witnessed ‘star instructors’ and CEOs not even turn up to meet their students.

I made the decision to NEVER allow any of these unprofessional and quite simply, unacceptable predicaments to occur on any of my courses and so far, I have fulfilled my promises to each and every student, and will continue to do so.


Yes, I would like to attend the 7 day residential

Only £4000


>> Click here to SECURE YOUR PLACE NOW AND PAY LATER (Instalment plan) DEPOSIT £1000


Deposits of a thousand pounds are non refundable and serve as a cancellation fee.

We receive a high volume of emails in regards to this course, and we will do are very best to answer your questions before booking your place as soon as possible.

A note from Kezia

“ The ‘pick-up mastery’ seven day course, involves intensive infield training and solid theory based sessions, that will at times challenge the way you see your self and your goals. Everything you learn and do on this course will result in positive results, but to get those results, my team and myself will be pushing you out of your comfort zone. Our intention is to take your current level of success with women to the highest level possible, and to give you the self-development needed for you to continue your success long after the course.

My trainers who will be working with are dedicated in helping anyone who goes on this course, and will never give you any feedback or advice that contradicts with what any of the other trainers give you. This course will give you the insight, knowledge and experience that will change your game forever, and I look forward to meeting you, working with you and helping you become the man who chooses any woman he wants, and not the man who waits around to be chosen.”

Kezia Noble
(Author of ’The Noble Art of Seducing Women’)

» Contact Kezia