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Meeting girls in the daytime

Posted on October 10, 2012 3

Most guys believe that meeting women happens in the night. Clubs and bars are full of men earthing for women, however, have you considered meeting women in the daytime? Have you tried it and found it to be difficult? On our 7 day MASTERY COURSE, we find that our students get much more numbers and…

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Increase your chances of sex

Posted on March 04, 2012 3

Dan ‘deuce’ is one of the pick up coaches on my team, and what I love about Dan, is his unapologetic and alpha attitude towards women. Dan is totally upfront and direct with women that he is attracted to. He plays a no bull sh*t game with them when it comes to sealing the deal….

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Know ‘yourself’

Posted on December 30, 2010 5

Knowing who you are is by one of the most important points I teach my students if they want to DEMONSTRATE HIGH VALUE effectively (DHV) Knowing your self: -Knowing where you are going (in life/career/spiritually) -Knowing where you do not want to go (life, career, spiritually) -Knowing CLEARLY what your opinions and beliefs are -Knowing…

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