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Increase your chances of sex

Posted on March 04, 2012 3

Dan ‘deuce’ is one of the pick up coaches on my team, and what I love about Dan, is his unapologetic and alpha attitude towards women. Dan is totally upfront and direct with women that he is attracted to. He plays a no bull sh*t game with them when it comes to sealing the deal….

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The art of story telling (hook lead)

Posted on December 22, 2010 0

One of the hook leads that I teach on my 10 hook lead system is “THE ANECDOTE HOOK LEAD” This hook lead is often left out, as a lot of men feel they will bore the woman, or that they are simply no good at telling a story. The anecdote hook lead is actually a…

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Interview with Kezia Noble on pualingo.com

Posted on March 03, 2010 4

For more info on KEZIA AND HER TEAM (click the link puatraining below): PUATRAINING Here is an interview I did for pualingo.com “This week we have an exclusive interview with Kezia Noble, an instructor for PUA Training and the world’s leading female pickup instructor. Some of the juicy topics covered in the interview: Kezia tells…

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