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LA Bootcamp Student
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“Hiya Kezia, Thanks for the private PUA training session. It was enlightening to finally get very honest and direct female advice and ‘point of view’ that I could actually utilize. Up to now, pretty much all female advice I have had has been pretty useless, most girls don’t seem to understand why they succumb to Certain men, and not others. More than that, I found it useful to understand. The psychological tips you gave on why certain women act in certain ways have helped so much! It is much easier to work on building relationships when you have insight in to the female way of thinking. I also found your advice on body language observation and control useful and have been working on the way I display my body language. The practice sessions with advice on conversation was great and I am still building on that. Many thanks,”

“The help I received from Kezia during our 1-1 session has been invaluable. Her techniques for making you think (outside the box) and respond to hooks provided by a girl is amazing. This has led to me making deep connections very quickly. We also discussed different types of personalities and how to approach and interact with each. Including the correct mental state you should be in when approaching. A 1-1 is a must for any aspiring PUA.”

Mark (aka. Horst)
“I spent two hours with Kezia, working on my confidence in talking to women. Kezia was funny, and challenging, and I learned a lot about myself in a short space of time. What I didn’t expect was to enjoy it so much, but I did – I found her warm and engaging, and naturally good company, so although I was “working” and trying out new ideas and approaches, it felt like fun, rather than hard work. Satisfying, too, to spend a couple of hours in the company of a very attractive woman, and feel so at ease with her.”

Nick Gilmore
“My training session with Kezia was a very enlightening experience. As most guys do, I had a tendency to ask boring questions that lead to idle chit chat and not a quality conversation or deeper connection with a woman. That type of conversation will just lead to a dead end and at best- friend zone. She helped to provide me with some strategies and mental exercises that will improve my ability to lead interesting and stimulating interactions. It was incredibly helpful, having never received such feedback from a woman’s perspective before. In addition to this, Kezia also explained how to deal with various types of women, including those that don’t initially want to talk much and those that actively don’t want to talk to you. Overall, it was one of the most productive portions of my training. “

“I’ve always been one of those people who has a lot of friends, and loads of women who I spend time with but never actually dated, I had the typical “nice guy” mentality. In just a two-hour session, Kezia really helped me to understand things,not just about women and dating, but about myself, so that I could develop my own skills and become a more interesting, engaging and an attractive person. What’s great about Kezia isn’t just that she’s a good teacher but she has real valuable knowledge.
Her teaching goes on past simple things like opening lines to address the really important things like interaction, conversation and connection,but she’s also the kind of person who you’ve always told yourself you could never date. She’s great looking, has her act together, and completely “gets it”. But during the session, you realize that there’s nothing to be intimidated about either with her, or with any other women who youmight run into. That’s why that single session was really empowering. Now, as opposed to a couple months ago, I’ve been getting phone numbers, going on dates, and generally having a much better time. Sure, I have more work and a lot of practicing to do, but I’ve begun to develop skills I never knew I had. It’s worth your while.”

“At last! HONEST female advice. Her opinion of what I was doing wrong was mind blowing! But also, she made me realise my strengths that I did not know existed. Kezia’s intentions are for men to get results; she makes that clear from the start. And results are what I got! “

“Kezia gives a powerful insight in the female mind, not just certain types of females, but all females, whether they are shy girls, sexually confident woman, hard nose bitches or just regular girl next door types. Her techniques really work.’

“I have studied “pick up” “seduction” and NLP now for almost 4 years. I thought I knew everything..Boy, was I wrong!! I was good with women, thanks to all the classes and courses that I had done in the past, but now thanks to spending a weekend session with Kezia, I’m now even better,I Highly recommend her to anyone at whatever level or stage they are at.”

John Brine
“Working with Kezia has given me important insights into how I may be perceived by other women. Her honest and blunt approach, although harsh, was always underscored by compassion and willingness for me to succeed. The variety of ‘personalities’ we addressed in the sessions allowed me to confront my fears and ‘fail’ in a safe environment, until ultimately I discovered how to approach such tricky situations in future with knowledge and understanding. By encountering her ’super bitch’, I quickly began to understand the dynamics of our exchanges, and later found that while out in the field, Kezia had given me a structure and focus that enabled me to continue a conversation, where in the past I would have left with my tail between my legs. By testing at every point from approach to rapport building to seduction, the sessions with Kezia was as much a test of mental agility as it was a grilling of bad habits and mannerisms. However, by spending time with her one to one, I have begun to feel more comfortable and confident in myself and my ability to attract and recognize that attraction in other people. She doesn’t make it easy, but in making the attempt with her, one can feel enriched and empowered with others. With Kezia, control is the word.”

Shaun H.
“Kezia will stir your emotions until there is a hurricane inside your head. Get ready for a brutal assessment. Kezia clearly knows what she is talking about, and won’t fill you with what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Once she bites into you she’ll chew you out into a PUA. My emotional hurricane quickly changed to clear blue skies. Kezia really helped my inner game, the rest then came naturally” She is a great person to help to start your journey to becoming confident with hot women. Regards”

“The session was amazing, thanks so much”

“I heard about Kezia for ages, but was really worried that she would be too nice. Often women gave me advice in the past that left me feeling good but was really just useless in the long term. Kezia was indeed not there to make friends with me, or to be nice. She just worked with me through every tiny detail, every tiny sticking point was dealt with and although she was tough, I couldn’t help but really like her, She has a wicked sense of humour and is extremely intelligent.”

“Kezia’s advice was amazing, she saw my weak points immediately and showed me how to fix them for good, also she highlighted my good points I never knew I had. She also taught me a lot about the female mind, and it was pretty eye opening stuff.THANK YOU SO MUCH.”

“After much time doing role play, it all finally clicked, during role play she constantly corrected all I was doing that was weak and unattractive, In the end I managed to destroy the bitch shield she purposely put up (as I asked for this) but more importantly, she broke it down step by step and made me realise that ANY woman no matter how tough/shy/nervous she is, can be yours!”

“Kezia taught me her 9 hook lead system, and now I never run out of things to say and never experience uncomfortable silences. This technique is amazing.”

“She was great at showing me how to get out of the friends zone and build attraction, it really is about the 3 elements of pick up that she taught me. Also she explained how the nice guy attitude does not work and how to never be that Mr nice guy anymore without compromising my values.”