The benefits of STYLE

Posted on January 25, 2011 0

The benefits of a Style Consultation.
By Daniel, our fashion stylist on the residential “7 day pick up mastery’ course

How would you feel sat in a Ferrari? The iconic red sculpted body work has been crafted using years of passion, flair and craftsmanship. You relax, hands firmly gripping at the wheel, the prestigious smell of a number of combined elite bovine leathers wafts a composition of luxury deep in to your nostrils, the seat hugs comfortably around your body as the the roar of the engine sends a reassuring shiver down your spine, to your toe, the tip of which controls the power of over 300 raging thorough bred stallions. How do you feel?

Whatever though came to your mind first was right. Expensive, Confident, Unstoppable.

Come back down to earth and collapse back into your ford mondeo.

I’m a huge fan of metaphors because metaphors paint a picture that you’d otherwise find hard to imagine. Of course, I’m not trying to flog you a Ferrari or dissuade you away from mondeo reasonableness. Not at all, the message is far easier to understand than BHP, ESP and limited slip differentials. I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of guys and sorting their style out, giving them the unstoppable confident edge. So many guys have come to me reeking of ford mondeo’s and left roaring like Ferrari’s. Why? Because the message is this; If you look the part, you feel the part.

The beauty of a Style consultation is that it’s an immediate change. A sudden positive change in your outer game, your appearance, works wonders to your inner game, the way you see pickup. I’ve heard all the same lines you have ‘the holy grail of pickup’ that will ‘change your life immediately’ and I find it hard to accept that you can learn such an articulate skill in a matter of moments. Let’s be straight to the point, you’re not going to become hitch in a heartbeat.

Revamping your style changes how you appear, how you feel about yourself.

The sense of being unyieldingly proud of your appearance, the shape of your body, carved by the craftsmanship of sartorial elegance pushing out your shoulders, flattening your abdominals. A touch of your finger tips on a woman’s waist, the simple gesture of a raised eyebrow, groomed to perfection, the calming & reassuring elixir of fresh aftershave pulsating from your supple skin with every heartbeat, drawing the attention of all those you pass. The comfort of the exceptionally well fitted jeans around your legs, raising you feet above the crowd.

That’s an immediate change. That’s the type of change you deserve.

You feel Expensive. You feel confident. You feel Unstoppable.

You start to become the man you know you are.

That’s your Style.

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Here are just a few of the amazing video testimonials we have received from our past students:


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