Monthly Archives: January 2011

The benefits of STYLE

posted on January 25, 2011 0

The benefits of a Style Consultation. By Daniel, our fashion stylist on the residential “7 day pick up mastery’ course How would you feel sat in a Ferrari? The iconic red sculpted body work has been crafted using years of passion, flair and craftsmanship. You relax, hands firmly gripping at the wheel, the prestigious smell…

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Dealing with rejection when she is in your “social circle”

posted on January 23, 2011 4

So she says NO… And she is in your social circle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A lot of guys resist asking out a girl who might be associated with their network of friends or aquaitances. for fear of feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed when everyone finds out. Rejection is one thing, but having it made public amongst people you know…

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Verbal escalation part 1 by ALI

posted on January 18, 2011 1

Verbal Escalation 1: by ALI My interpretation of escalation is taking an interaction forward. Whether sexual or non-sexual. You have a destination in mind, and you are taking charge to lead those you are engaged with towards it, inexorably. In most cases, you will find yourself starting very well with an interaction only for it…

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Zoo magazine (video and weekly column)

posted on January 17, 2011 3

Hey everyone I will be writing a weekly column for the popular mens magazine ZOO! If you have any questions that need answering (relationship/sex based) then send them to me or to Zoo magazine and I will try and get them featured and of course answered. Here is the video of the photo shoot I…

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Approaching CONFIDENT women

posted on January 16, 2011 2

Approaching confident women by Kezia Noble Confident and alpha women can often be a paradox, so here is a little inside information to help you guys out there in attracting this type of woman. Confident alpha women generally prefer men to be direct with them, which is why DIRECT GAME AND DIRECT OPNERS are more…

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pick up artist skills

posted on January 13, 2011 7

“Vacuuming” by ALI While working on a blog entry on my escalation methods (sexual and non-sexual), I thought I should share a killer advance technique. Something I cannot recommend enough. Something I now constantly do. Something, however, I only started doing when pick up artistry began making sense and produce results. Something most master pick…

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Are you a “CAN DO” ?

posted on January 13, 2011 2

Are you a “CAN DO”? by Kezia Noble Lately I have been observing peoples initial reactions when coming face to face with being asked to do something that is out of their comfort zone. It will either be: “Yes, I can do that” (Which is a “can do’ person) Or it will be: “ No,…

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The ’10 hook lead system’

posted on January 13, 2011 1

The 10 hook lead system is the much talked about system, which helps men to build solid interactions with women. The 10 hook lead system is a unique, practical and highly effective way to help men with the following: – “Running out of things to say too soon” – “Stopping them from asking too many…

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The ALPHA MALE by wing girl Eleanor

posted on January 06, 2011 4

I am stunned time and again in my personal life by the spinelessness of men, ‘The Alpha Male’ seems to me a rare species. I was recently told a story by a friend that a relative of hers was trying to set her up on a blind date, she is an attractive and intelligent women…

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Being interesting (part 2) BY MARK J

posted on January 05, 2011 0

Ok guys, time for Part 2 of my first blog “Being Interesting”. Last time we looked at why hobbies, reading and extending your social network are vital parts of developing an interesting and vibrant lifestyle. So now you’re all wide-readers, hobbyists and experts on a wide variety of subjects, you may be asking, “How is…

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