Monthly Archives: June 2011

Attractive facebook profile

posted on June 28, 2011 3

Creating a desirable and attractive facebook page. By Hadassa, wing girl on Kezia’s team In the modern world of technology we have become used to searching and gathering information with limited effort and with relative ease. Learning about people has also become a speedier process due to the emergence of social networking sites, most prominently…

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Overcoming shyness

posted on June 27, 2011 0

This blog post was written by my sister and of course top wing girl on my team HADASSA. Hadassa works with our more shy students, as well as the students who prefer to learn how to attract more introverted and quite girls, rather than the difficult extroverted ones ( such as myself) In this blog…

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Approaching 2 girls

posted on June 22, 2011 1

This article was written by one of my top wing girls on the team Hadassa. She is a regular instructor on all our live events. Enjoy this great blog post So you’ve gone over volumes of theory and practiced hours of role-play on the art of picking up women. So with your newfound skills you…

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“OPENERS” How important are they?

posted on June 08, 2011 2

This blog post is written by one of my TOP wing girls on my team HADASSA. PICK UP OPENERS I would like to say a few things about openers; some of which may sound pretty basic to some but many students continue to ask me about. The first thing is; what opener to use? Well…

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