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So here’s the big news!

On the 7th of February 2019 I will be launching my very own online show:

‘A Piece Of The Attraction’ podcast. This will be available for audio download on iTunes, Overcast, Stitcher and Spotify. The majority of the episodes will also be filmed and uploaded on to my Youtube channel.


There are TWO main reasons for why I wanted to create ‘A Piece Of The Attraction’, but before I go into them, I want to make it super clear that I will continue to upload my regular ’10-20 minute format’ videos. I acknowledge how popular they are, and I understand that many of my followers and subscribers prefer the more streamlined, quick and ‘to the point’ style of these videos.

 However, I also recognise that many of you have been requesting (for a very long time) for me to share my advice in more detail via a longer format, which is  REASON NUMBER ONE for why I’m launching my brand new show.  The 45 mins to one hour long episodes will allow my guests and I to elaborate in much more detail our content, advice, experiences, examples and insights.

 This brings me to REASON NUMBER TWO for why I’m doing this. I want to share with you the incredible advice and knowledge from my team of expert instructors. The short interviews that I have conducted with them so far on Youtube have been hugely popular. Each instructor gives so much value, and each one of them brings a unique benefit to every student who comes to us, so it would be utterly selfish of me not to share their wisdom, insights and first hand experiences with you.


Now theres a few thing that I want to make crystal clear with you:


I’m not going to dilute what I do best, and that is of course, helping men get real results with women and helping them to become their best and most authentic selves. So have no fear, because i’m not intending to diversify into the generic realms of self-help anytime soon.


 Some episodes will be ‘off topic’ but they will be far and few between, and unless there’s a huge surge in demand of them, then they will remain limited.


All guest will be challenged (respectfully-of course!) In order to make sure that you receive the very highest standard of information. Needless to say that I’m the head of quality control, so it’s my duty to hold their feet to the fire. Vague advice that only makes sense in theory, or has flaws in its logic will not go unchallenged.


 Some of the guests will not be part of my team, but you can be sure that I will not allow any ‘snake oil sales people’ use my show as some sort of an infomercial to promote their pyramid schemes/multi-level marketing scams. I’ve seen this happen time and time again on lots of other Youtube shows and podcasts ( some of them very well known) It’s lazy and it’s sneaky, and I won’t have my show tarnished the same way.


 The only guests that will be invited onto my show will be ones that can benefit you, and not the ones that seek to benefit from you.


Each episode will be packed with ‘gloves off’ conversations. Real talk, real experiences, real advice, real personalities (flaws and all) all conducted in a strictly bull-sh*t free zone.

 We will be speaking candidly and openly, so if you want  a show that offers niceties and sugar coated sound bites then this ones not for you, but if you want the full ‘gloves off experience’ then you’ve found your number one spot.


We have already recorded and filmed lots of episodes, and have endless topics still to cover, but we want to hear from YOU. Tell us what you want us to discuss, tell us which guest you loved and want to see more of, tell us WHO you want us to invite on the show too.

 You can get your requests to us via the comments section on our filmed episodes which will be shared on our official  Youtube channel, or if you want to be more formal about it, shoot over an email to info@kezia-noble.com

On behalf of myself, the producers of the show, my team of instructors and all the guests we have on, we hope you LOVE  the content and get not just incredible value from each episode but also some wickedly fun entertainment from them too!

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