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  • Are you unsatisfied with just continually ending up as a girl’s lovable friend or getting no further than the dreaded ‘friend zone’ with women you desire?
  • Are you struggling with approach anxiety, and want to conquer it once and for all, and possess the confidence to approach any woman you choose, no matter where?
  • Do you want to master the art of flirting, reading a woman's signals and have the ability to sexually escalate?
  • Are you ready to finally get out of your ‘comfort zone’ and tackle your sticking points head on?
  • Are you tired of always running out of things to talk about with women you like?
  • Do you want to possess the skills that will keep a woman's attention and full focus on you both emotionally and psychologically, whether it be in the day time or in a night club or bar, and to sustain her interest long enough for you to actually get results?
  • Are you ready to obtain REAL TANGIBLE results with women you once considered out of your league?
  • Are you ready to experience a life of being the one who chooses rather than the man who waits to be chosen by a woman?


Not being able to have an abundance of attractive women in your life and lacking the skills, insights and techniques that make it possible for you to increase your current success rate with women, is understandably frustrating.

Advice from books, videos and friends can of course provide you with the initial help to start your journey into becoming more successful with women, however, to actually apply the advice and tips and put all that knowledge you have collected into action, is the element that is truly needed in order for you to progress.

The 12 hour bootcamp which is led by Kezia Noble, the worlds leading female dating expert for men, and published author of the books “15 steps to become a master seducer” and “the noble art of seduction’ will provide you with the next or even the first crucial step that is needed for any man who wants to attract women and begin living the life that he deserves.

Our Aim Is Your Aim - The 12 hour experience is divided between theory and actual infield training.

Kezia and her incredible team of both male instructors and coaches as well as experienced wing girls will work directly with you in all the infield practice sessions that you will be doing on the course. You will have consistent one on one attention and will be provided with detailed feedback and advice that will help you achieve REAL results with women.

  • We will target all your sticking points and will focus also on your strengths. Strengths that you might not even be aware of!
  • We will be coaching you every step of the way
  • We will give you the tools, skills and techniques that you can use again and again after the bootcamp
  • We will give you the honest advice and feedback that is needed in order for you to progress
  • All the male instructors will demonstrate for you on demand
  • We will work with you as an individual, and NOT hand you generic advice.


This course will push you out of your comfort zone, so that we can fulfill our promise to you. Our aim is to get you results! We know from experience of conducting over 80 bootcamps that by actually seeing your results happen right in front of your eyes is a pivotal part of the experience and is essential in helping you to increase your success rate with women.


On the team page, you can find out more about the instructors and wing girls who you will meet and work with on the bootcamp.

Kezia’s team of instructs and wing girls are the most experienced coaches in the seduction/PUA community, and will work hard to get you the results that you deserve.


We keep the places on the bootcamp to a maximum of 10 students, as we believe that 100 percent attention to your needs is essential.You will have the chance to spend time with each instructor and wing girl that is present on the bootcamp.

“Getting coaching from Kezia was what I initially wanted most, and although I got the attention that she promised, I felt that I had gained so much from the other amazing members on her team. The wing girls Hadassa, Isabella and Eleanor were not only honest in their feedback, but their incredibly detailed advice about what I needed to do, gave me a real insight into the female mind. All in all this bootcamp was brilliant and I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their chances with women”

Clive, seattle

“This was a life changer! Kezia really knows her stuff, and so do her team. I particularly enjoyed working with Mark J and Ali, who were determined in helping me to overcome my approach anxiety - and they did! By the end of the night, my approach anxiety was a distant memory, and I was more focused on working on the more advance skills and techniques that I had learned during the course.”

Lewis, Cardiff

“I always considered myself to be pretty good with women, but after this bootcamp, I feel i'm far better than good. I can now attract women who I once thought were too confident and too sexy to ever want a guy like me, so I used to stick with the average looking girls, which put me under the false illusion that I was ‘good’ in getting women. I was really pushed out of my comfort zone, and now I don't just settle for the average girls, because now I have the skills and insights that give me the really hot women. Dan Deuce gave probably one of the nest talks I have ever heard in my life, and it really resonated with me. I would tell any guy out there, don't just settle for what life gives you, instead, go for what you really want and make it happen!”

Monir, Paris

“The energy and positivity that Kezia and her team give is mind blowing. I feel I can achieve anything when it comes to women. This course changed my mind set completely! I'm no longer the negative guy who used to always complain about his circumstances, because now I feel that I have control to change my life for the better”

Joseph, Leeds

We Want You To Get More Results!

Our aim is to get you the results you deserve. We work on all levels of game, there are the BEGINNERS sticking points such as approach anxiety, building comfort and number closing that are covered on the event as well as the more advance techniques such as sexual escalation, deep connection and the threesome close.

Each member of the team has the patience as well as the honesty, insight and experience to help every student over come his own sticking points and help him achieve his own personal goals.

If you are ready to get the newest pick-up techniques that ACTUALLY WORK and master the concepts, ideas and tactics that will make a huge difference to your current success rate with women, then read on and see what we have lined up for you.


  • 11am

    The Five Phase Format

    After a quick introduction, Kezia Noble will share with you the ‘blueprint’ to a perfect interaction. There are FIVE elements of successful seduction, and each one will be explained to you with clarity and detailed examples. This will help you develop your own ‘game plan’ and provide you the much needed structure to your interactions with women.

  • 12pm

    “Getting in to state” and “perfecting the ideal body language that women find attractive”

    Perfecting confident body language is crucial! This is the first factor men have to get right, and by doing this, you will learn a new technique that will get you in to a positive state of mind almost instantly! This is of course a practical and effective way to nail any approach anxiety. Instead of living in the confinements of a limited reality, we will give you the tools, insights and secrets that will install a confidence super structure within you. You will have the ability to convey confidence and self belief by applying our simple to apply but highly effective alterations, that will create a positive response from others.

  • 1pm

    How to meet and attract women in the day time

    Here you get the chance to master the skills of day time attraction. We will show you how to approach and attract women in day time scenarios. We have the most effective opening lines, conversation patterns and closing techniques. All of these have been specially customised to cater for any day time situation. Whether you see a beautiful woman in a book store, a coffee shop or a walking in the street, you will have the tools, insights and confidence to talk to her.

  • 2pm

    Day time INFIELD practice

    This is where the fun begins! You will put all that knowledge in to practice, and will be approaching hot women in the day time on the streets, in the stores, in the cafes and the parks, with your own personal instructor and coach or experienced wing girl right by your side, giving you immediate feedback and advice.

  • 4pm

    Mastering the art of conversation

    Running out of things too soon, awkward silences and dead ends in conversations are some of the most common sticking points that men face. In this section we will share with you the ground-breaking ’10 Hook Lead System’. This will not only give you the type of conversation skills that will make you stand out from all the other forgettable and generic interactions that women have with most guys, but it will also help you to make impact in a way that remains congruent with your personality. The 10 hook lead system will give you the power to make a strong impact and connection with any woman you choose on a RAPID scale.

  • 5pm

    Night-time attraction techniques

    Here we will show you how to approach, attract and seduce women in night time scenarios. This includes noisy night clubs and bars, parties and chilled out lounge bars. Standing out in a bar or nightclub can be difficult for most men, especially because there’s usually an ocean of other men trying to do the exact same thing. However, with our powerful techniques, skills and insights, you will be miles ahead of the competition and instead of making the same old mistakes that you used to make, that left you going home alone, you will now know exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

  • 6pm

    Breaking-free from the FRIEND ZONE

    The agonising torment of the friend zone is something we can all sympathise with, but we’re not here to give you a shoulder to cry on, we are here to share with you our most powerful strategies that will free you from that dreaded friend zone and eliminate your chances of getting trapped in it ever again.

  • 6:30pm

    Flirting techniques and sexual escalation

    Every man wants to possess the ability to flirt without coming across creepy or sleazy, and that’s precisely what we are going to show you how to do. We will share with you a multitude of ways to flirt with women, both verbal and non verbal, that will produce warm and positive responses and help maximise the sexual tension between you and the woman you desire. Kezia Noble will also show you how to raise the buying temperature of a woman, just by altering THREE methods of communication. She will give you a live demonstration and volunteers will take part in experiencing this ground breaking technique. WARNING: The skills and insights in this section are extremely potent and will get you powerful results on a SUPER RAPID level.

  • 8pm

    Dinner with the team

    A great chance to get to know your trainer for the evening and cover any questions you might have before the last part of the infield training.

  • 9pm

    Night game INFIELD practice

    We are going to hit the BEST clubs and bars that London has to offer! And at last you will be able to put all that theory in to practice with the guidance, help and constant feedback from your very own trainer/instructor or experienced wing girl, who will be with you all the time.

  • 12am

    Feed back

    A quick round up and some group feedback (If you haven’t already left the club with a beautiful woman)

All of Kezia’s trainers will be giving you detailed feedback and encouragement, and they can all work on any level of game, whether you are a beginner or on an advanced stage they will help you take your results to unimaginable levels. And of course, Kezia will be there for the whole bootcamp, and she will be there for any advice and feedback that you might need whenever you want.

Still haven't enrolled???

Many of my students just need a little more information before making the decision that will change their current situation with women to a whole new level. Chances are, you'll find the answer to your question below. If you have any further questions about the course, remember you can always contact me or a member of my team at


Q: Will the bootcamp cater to my personal sticking points and needs?
A: Although the bootcamp has been perfectly structured in order for you to gain vital knowledge, insights,techniques and skills that will undoubtedly propel your current success rate with women, I understand that there will be times where you will want to focus on a specific area of your game, and this will require ‘one on one’ coaching and undivided attention from an experienced instructor. For this exact reason, I make sure that each student who attends the bootcamp, receives an adequate amount of time from his chosen instructor or wing girl to help him with any personal or unique sticking points he wishes to address whilst on the bootcamp.


Q: Will Kezia be there? Because a lot of other companies fail to have their star instructor on their courses, even though he or she was promised to be there.
A: YES. I attend EVERY workshop, and will be there for the majority of the 12 hours. I completely understand that you will want me there to help you as much as possible in order to get the results you desire. I also make sure that my star instructors and wing girls are present at ALL workshops and bootcamps.


Q: Does it matter if I am too old?
A: No. We have worked with all age groups, from 18 to 57!

We fully understand that there are tweaks and slight alterations that need to be made in regards to some of the skills and techniques that we share on the bootcamp for our more mature students. Again, this goes back to the ethos of the team, which is that all who come to us are treated like an individual.


Q: Are there ever times when there will be too many students on the bootcamp? In which case yourself and your team will not have adequate time to help ALL who attend.
A: NO!

I am aware that some of the other ‘Pick Up Artist companies “ unfortunately make a habit of filling up as many places on their workshops as possible, regardless of whether there are enough adequate instructors available to help everyone. It is important for me and the team to know that we have helped you when you come to us, which is why I limit the amount of places on each workshop in accordance with the number of instructors who will be there on that day.


Q: Will there be follow up help and advice after the bootcamp?
A: Yes.

After you have completed your bootcamp experience, myself and one of my leading instructors on the team, will contact you to see if you have any further questions and to generally see how you are getting along.


Q: Will I be forced to approach women if I have severe approach anxiety.
A: Encouraged but not forced.

I sincerely believe that this bootcamp is essentially about giving you the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, with the guidance and experience from myself and my team to support you along the way. So, yes, you will be encouraged to face your fears and conquer them once and for all. However, we will NEVER force you to do anything that you are not at least slightly willing to do.

Saying this, nearly every single man who come to us with severe approach anxiety, is approaching girls non stop by the end of the evening, even without our encouragement.


Q: I have got to a fairly high level in terms of my success with women. Can you provide advanced skills and techniques for me on your bootcamp?

As I have stated before, the bootcamp has been perfectly structured in order for you to obtain the information and skill sets that is in line with your current level of success and experience with women. For instance, Ali and Johnny have incredibly advanced techniques that will help guys get ‘threesomes’, which will be valuable for men such as yourself who want to learn more advanced techniques, but might not be quite what a beginner is looking for yet, and so during the infield practice section of the bootcamp, you will gravitate towards the instructor or wing girl who is most suitable to you and your requirements.


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A note from Kezia

“I take pride that my trainers give their 100 percent in every event that they are a part of. Their professionalism and attention to detail and understanding of their students needs is of paramount importance to me. A bad review from a student in relation to any of my trainers is unheard of.

This event is going to be full of brand new material and will increase any guys’ current results, and will take his success rate to a whole new level. But most of all, we are going to have a lot of fun; this will definitely be a 12 hour experience to remember.

I look forward to seeing you there”

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