Chatting up women in shops

posted on March 27, 2012 3

Kezia Noble is the world’s leading female DATING COACH and attraction expert for men.
She is the most well known Dating Coach in London, New York and Los Angeles. This is thanks to her flawless reputation for getting men REAL results and her best selling book ‘The Noble Art Of Seducing Women’

In this video, Johnny shares a few crazy openers that he has tried and tested that actually work!
Johnny likes to use ‘shocking’ and ‘humorous’ openers that make the girl he is approaching, feel instantly relaxed!

Enjoy the video

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3 thoughts on “Chatting up women in shops

  1. James

    Kezia, I love your blog posts.
    And I think it’s cool that you have your team doing helpful blog posts too. Thumbs up to Johnnys advice in this video

  2. Jerry J

    You can start conversation anywhere but you should be really,really really really careful at pharmacy,drug store.You may do big mistake and it embarrass you and her.

  3. Bruno

    Hum, regarding the dress choice opener, how do you follow up that (‘It’s not for me silly!’) and stay congruent? I mean, the only normal explanation would be of you buying a dress for a girlfriend/partner – but then you can’t continue the pickup with that story (well, unless you want to present yourself as a cheater 😡 ).
    The other option is saying you are buying a dress for a friend, but that still sounds a bit strange, as it is still a bit intimate, no?

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