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As you may know by now, I am releasing the ULTIMATE DVD set iI have created so far in both attraction and seduction!

My new system “Attraction to Seduction (The Formula)” which will give you ALL the skill sets, information, techniques and insights you need in order to seduce a woman, will be released on the 11th of February!

I am giving away this ground breaking DVD set to the one who comes up with the most original and funny PICK UP LINE for the girl in this photo:

All you need to do in order to be in with a chance to win this incredible gift, is to add your chosen PICK UP LINE to either my Facebook page , Twitter, or in the comments box below and then ALSO send me an email with your details and PICK UP LINE to

The winner will be announced on the 11th of February (launch date of the ‘Attraction to Seduction’ DVD set) You will then be sent your very own DVD SET within a few days of the announcement!

So get your very best, your most original and most funny pick up line that you can come up with , for this cute girl in that Game Boy dress..

Good luck!

Kezia Noble

390 thoughts on “Competition

  1. J Denoir

    U know I understand wearing that lil ensemble was your subtle way of letting me know across the room that U want me to push all of those little “buttons” of yours 😉 …..but I just met U this evening….and I’m not that easy! LOL

    I’m “J” by the way……. 😉

  2. Rob Dodge

    ** maybe you will consider more than 1 winner **

    Forget the dress – just tell me why women find vampires sexy

  3. Murph Taco

    Each – means a seperate pickup line
    – Hi, do you like stuff?

    – hi, my name’s Tim

    – someone is in danger right now (wait for response). Me, because you’re just here, looking damn fine. I’m in danger of being swept off my damn feet.

    – how much did that dress cost? (wait for response). Then it must be you making that dress look expensive.

    – if I was without you for 3 days, I would die girl, I’d have to kill myself girl, you know what I’m saying? And leave you here with your booming ass body and your fine ass looking face like god made you out of magic and sugar cubes

  4. Murph Taco

    – Hi how are you?

    -do you believe in fate? (wait for response). Well, love is a spice with many tastes. A dizzying array of textures (pause) and moments.

    – my brother made this macaroni bracelet for me. Pretty dumb, right? But um, he’s been through a lot with his palsies and everything, you know I’d do anything for him, but this, this symbol of our love, I know that’s all he’d ever ask of me. (requires macaroni bracelet)

    – my dad gave me this book on his deathbed. I’ve been on the last page for six years. I feel like if I ever finish it I’ll truly l’ll truly lose him. (requires a book [preferably shakespeare])

  5. Murph Taco

    If she says I would never go out with you, say – for you, I’d wait for a thousand life times

    If she says she sorry, I have a boyfriend, say – then come to my place, we can be sorry together. (or) – if I was your boyfriend, we wouldn’t be at the bar.

  6. Jeff Cornelius

    J.Cornelius says:

    Hey trouble maker, interesting outfit. (wait for response).
    I have major decision I have to make. I’m trying to decide if you have what it takes to mix it up with me on the dance floor. (pause).

    I’m sorry, but you dont’ have time to change outfits. You don’t take advantage of this window of opportunity, you’ll be replaced.

  7. Tom

    I don’t blame you for looking disappointed…all the nerds and geeks….coming up to you and pushing all the wrong buttons!

  8. Murph Taco

    (Seriously, I like how only my lines are fun for the whole family. Pick me Kezia! I just want to get a number to show my boys I could get one, it doesn’t have to be real. Jk! Seriously, though, I’m out. PEACE! Pick me 😉 )

  9. Wahib Yousaf

    1. Make The Approach

    2. Repeat: “Oh My God! Who Put This Girl ‘On The Shop-Shelves’ WITHOUT TELLING ME! :o”

    3. Relate Your Job, and How You’ll ‘Fix’ her WHOLE NIGHT. (As in #4).

    4. Repeat: “I’m A Games Tester, Love. 😉 And I’m gonna have to CHECK OUT YOUR HARDWARE FOR BUGS (Point to the GameBoy on her chest, and Try Not To Stare at THE TWINS! : D )

    5. Depends on her Reply to #4;

    If she challenges you Job Title, Stick with the Truth. I’d go with ‘Check Out My Website&Fb page if you don’t believe me’.

    If she thinks you’re Insulting-Her, Repeat:

    “No! 🙂 Not ‘bugs’ – as in – slimy – bugs you found at the supermarket! 😀 ….

    BUGS! B-U-G-S! By the time U Get-up-I’ll-have-Sorted out your whole night, and maybe fixed a few things…”

    6. End with a phrase that Highlights the ‘Elephant In the Room’, e.g. ‘If You Know What I Mean!’ 😉 Followed by ‘Now-Let’s Dance, and Then – Maybe I’ll Give You a Drink, or Maybe I’ll Give it to Another Girl JUST TO TEASE YOU, and Make You Have To Dance with me – AGAIN!! 😀

  10. stephen brewster

    (Pretend you’ve not seen her dress and say)….”Don’t look now girls but i just heard theres a girl in this room somewhere wearing a dress that looks like a microwave haha.Keep your eyes peeled! Supposed to be really funny ha”.

  11. stephen brewster

    Hey! I’m not sure which designer thought up that dress, but it’s like their wheel was turning but the mouse was dead.

  12. Allen Smith

    Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I think you look really nice. What I noticed about you was how your black hair matched the black part at the bottom of your dress. And I really like your “Gamey” vibe. I bet you like games that involve roleplay. By the way you kinda look Italian.

  13. Allen Smith

    Submitting pickup lines for fun.. And to pass time until the DVDs comes out which Im going to buy anyway.Thanx Kezia!

  14. Brian

    Oooh! Your time machine must have dropped you off in the wrong centry, everythings in color now. No worries, I have some tools in the car that can fix that, follow me.

  15. Kas

    “Hey, I just noticed you and I was wondering if you would let me use my cheatcodes to get your number so we can play sometime”
    Kezia, I really love the work you do and those DVDs would really help me.

  16. Richard Healy

    The standard would be
    “Great dress! At least I know that when you talk to much I can shut you off… but don’t worry later I’d turn you on…”

  17. Ralen

    “Nice dress… only problem with nintendo games was you always had to blow on them before they work right.”

    -Then put your lips together and make a blowing sound-

    Sidenote-*Might even work better if you are smoking, and then blow some smoke in her face purposefully.,. Quote-(If you blow smoke in her face, she’ll follow you anywhere) -there is some truth to that.*

    “That makes it work… right?”

  18. Wahib Yousaf

    Okay, I know the competiton’s over, but I just thought of a great one:

    “Hi, I Really, REALLY – ‘Like’ YOUR GAMEBOY-DRESS, and I was Hoping That You’d Let Me .. Maybe Buy You A Drink,

    We Could Dance A Bit, … And Haggle Over the PRICE of Your Console…

    Because I Really-Want-to Get It 50%-OFF… If You Know What I Mean!” (Lol). 😉

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