Dating Advice For Older Guys

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I often get asked what the age range of my students are. The truth is we get men coming to us from 18 years old to 65 years old. However, although the majority of our students are around the 27-42 age group, we do get a lot of men coming to us for help who are of a more mature age.

These men have usually recently come out of a marriage or a longterm relationship , and now after many years, they have re-entered the dating world. They usually feel overwhelmed by how different everything seems since they last dated. The rules seemed to have changed, the women all seem younger, the music seems louder, the distractions have multiplied thanks to smart phones, and the general inability for people to focus or invest in anything that doesn’t give them near instant gratification makes the whole dating game quite exhausting for them. However, although there are indeed always changes in the nuances of social dynamics from generation to generation, the rules of attraction remain the same.
We don’t teach our more mature students to fit in with the younger crowd, we don’t dress them up like a 22 year old and educate them about what’s on trend. Instead we show them how to use their maturity as an attraction trigger rather than seeing it as a hindrance.
Many women say they are looking for guys their own age, but very often, they admit that at some point they have fallen for an older guy, and when a woman falls for an older guy she falls HARD!
My video ‘How to attract younger women’ has received over 2 million views, and the feedback I get from that video has been incredible. The reason why the advice contained in that video has helped so many men get results with not only younger women but women of a similar age to them, is because I show them how to use their maturity in an unapologetically attractive way.
Most dating coaches advise older men to alter and bend their reality to be in accordance with someone else’s reality and personality. This kind of advice actually generates negative reactions rather than positive ones.
We have received many video testimonials from our students of all ages, but our most recent one is from 50 year old John from the US, who travelled to London to immerse himself in the life changing 7-Day Mastery Program. He refused to remain alone and unhappy after the breakdown of his marriage, and was determined to be the most attractive version of himself no matter what.
We are delighted to say that all his objectives and goals that he wanted us to work on with him were met. He was beyond happy with the results, so much so that he said he wanted to share his personal story and experience on the 7-day Mastery Program with others out there.

Here is John’s story:

Student testimonial: 7-Day Mastery Program from kezia noble on Vimeo.

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