Do girls like rich guys ?

posted on February 16, 2013 4

Flash your confidence not your cash.

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Why do women like rich guys? Although being spoilt and wined and dined in the finest restaurants has its perks , it does not actually create ATTRACTION. I have dated many men who have lavished money and gifts on me, and have taken me on the most luxurious holidays imaginable, and although it gave me a pleasurable experience, it did NOT on it’s own strength create attraction. Luckily I am a woman who has her own money and career and therefore I do not possess the need and hunger to have a wealthy man in my life.However, there are a lot of women out there who unfortunately see a rich man as a meal ticket and NOTHING MORE than that.
Wealthy men often are under the misconception than they can literally buy the woman’s attraction and even their love. Although money might KEEP a certain type of woman in your life it will NEVER guarantee attraction or love on its own merit alone.

But let us for a moment take out of the equation the women who are solely on a quest to find a walking credit card , and instead, explore the reason for why many women ( including wealthy women or women who have no ulterior motives ) become so attracted to rich guys.
It is because wealth usually indicates that the man has a certain level confidence. Now of course this is not always the case, however, I want to ONLY address that INITIAL reason for why women are drawn to rich guys which is the confidence he exudes that usually comes with wealth.
Usually wealthy men have accumulated their wealth through success, and it’s that success which has given them confidence and on top of that, it’s their initial confidence in themselves that caused the success!
If you are wealthy, rather than bragging about how much you make or what car you own, or splashing your cash around in order to impress her,convey your confidence in what you say. and how you act.Translate your confidence via your body language and in the way you treat people around you and the way you handle the environment which you are in. This will help filter out the women looking for a rich guy to spoil them from the woman who desire a confident man regardless of how much he has in his bank account.
If you are not wealthy, then for heavens sake do NOT splash the cash you don’t have, and never pretend you are rich either. Again, your confidence is what she will be attracted to, and this can be conveyed in many ways.
Many women have fallen for the guy without even a dollar in his pocket, and to be fair, those guys will not have to wake up one morning realizing their girlfriend was only there for their money.

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4 thoughts on “Do girls like rich guys ?

  1. J

    hi Kezia, I just wanted to let you know to seek Jesus and HE will solve all of your problems. God Bless.

  2. bob

    Your advice may be useful for men. However, I have found that wealthy women that I have introduced to friends, usually will move on to look for a relationship with someone more successful than themselves, or someone with a career they respect or admire. I would appreciate your thoughts on this, Kezia

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