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Accelerate Your Success Rate With Women
To A Whole New Level

Can’t make the trip to London to attend Kezia Noble’s 12-hour bootcamp?

Now you can attend Kezia Noble’s 18-hour Platinum bootcamp in Las Vegas


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Take this amazing opportunity to work alongside Kezia Noble’s hand picked team of premiership Dating coaches, Attraction experts, Wing girls and Lifestyle consultants who are based in the USA and who have many years experience of working with Kezia Noble on all her past USA bootcamps and USA events.



(These Bootcamps Sell out Fast)


What you will NOT get from the 18-hour Platinum bootcamp

  • Generic and vague dating advice
  • Sleazy pick up lines and routines
  • Out of date advice that you’ve probably heard countless times before
  • Overcrowded classes rooms with inadequate one on one time
  • Inadequate training or advice that is not inline with Kezia Noble’s flawless reputation
  • A time wasting upsell speech or promotion pitch


What will you gain from the 18 hours:

  • A clear understanding of what women really desire
  • An honest and direct insight into the female mind
  • OVER 8 hours of infield training in both day time and night time scenarios and locations
  • Detailed and honest feedback and advice EVERY STEP OF THE WAY
  • A complete confidence overhaul
  • Complete eradication of any limiting belief patterns that are holding you back
  • Powerful secrets that will unlock you from the friend zone
  • Effective ways to overcome APPROACH ANXIETY once and for all
  • A NOTICEABLE and immediate increase in your success rate with women
  • Experienced instructors both male and female guiding you and answering your questions
  • Sexual escalation techniques THAT WORK
  • Networking strategies
  • A complete upgrade in your conversation skills
  • Potent ‘Attraction Spikes’ and ‘Sexual Tension Accelerators’ that produce RAPID results
  • Powerful sexual escalation techniques
Our commitment to making sure you get REAL TANGIBLE results with women.

Want to see some proof?
Take a look at these testimonials!

Click the video testimonials below and discover how Kezia and her team can get you results with women FAST.






Las Vegas Bootcamp with Kezia Noble and her team


Erik Daniel

Erik has been coaching Men all around the US for the past 6 years on developing real results with Women not only on the field with outer night/day game but also specializing with deep inner confidence. He wasn't always good with Women. They say he is a “natural". But only thing is…he had to use Alcohol in order to approach and be someone he wasn’t. He dedicated years into learning skill sets and a special mindset engaged in learning how to live life on his own terms.

He specializes in style, health, inner and outer game, etiquette, and keeping the Woman. He believes you have to become the Man of YOUR dreams before you try to become the Man of her dreams.

Christopher John Stubbs

"Christopher John Stubbs is a man dedicated to deep, inner transformation. He understands that a man is not of optimal value to a woman unless he first has done the work and mastered the skill sets required to thrive in a relationship. For a man to be truly effective at relating with a woman, he has to have command of both his thinking and his emotions.

"Christopher has mastered the art and science of how a man can capture and hold onto the heart of his woman.

"Hendricks Institute certified, Christopher works with men from around the world to create massive shifts in their thinking. These shifts lead to quick breakthroughs that allow them to improve their communication and relationship skills.

"If you are a man who wants to up-level his relationship to women, you cannot get a better coach than Christopher John Stubbs.”

Mayra Angelique “your personal wing Woman”

You can call Mayra your personal wing woman. She has worked with Men the past few years on the field and in the class with helping men achieve maximum results. She is known for giving honest and direct advice. She enjoys sitting down with the guys explaining in detail what Woman like and dislike. Guys really draw into the advice she gives.

If you are looking to pick the brain of a beautiful Woman, Mayra is the one. Your own personal wing woman.



All of these these instructors have an elite level of experience in helping of all ages and from all backgrounds to become more successful with women in all areas. They have been personally selected by Kezia Noble to not only teach her skills, techniques and methods but also to share their own explosive material and insights which have helped hundreds of men across the globe.

Want to see some proof?
Take a look at these testimonials!


“Getting coaching from Kezia was what I initially wanted most, and although I got the attention that she promised, I felt that I had gained so much from the other amazing members on her team. The wing girls Hadassa, Isabella and Eleanor were not only honest in their feedback, but their incredibly detailed advice about what I needed to do, gave me a real insight into the female mind. All in all this bootcamp was brilliant and I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their chances with women”

Clive, seattle

"Kezia Noble's instructors on my Los Angeles bootcamp were amazing. Big Thank You especially to Erik for literally giving me everything he knew. I highly recommend this weekend experience for anyone who wants to improve their game"

Matthew, San Diego

WOW! What an incredible weekend. Kezia Noble's bootcamp was insanely powerful!

Jay, Los Angeles

"If you want to really know the secrets on how to not only get the women you want, but to also upgrade your whole life, outlook and mindset, then this bootcamp is for you. It changed my life completely, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity that Kezia gave me, and for the advice, time and dedication that I received from her team of instructors"

Brad, New York.

Still haven't enrolled???

Many of my students just need a little more information before making the decision that will change their current situation with women to a whole new level. Chances are, you'll find the answer to your question below. If you have any further questions about the course, remember you can always contact me or a member of my team at

Q: Will the bootcamp cater to my personal sticking points and needs?
A: Although the bootcamp has been perfectly structured in order for you to gain vital knowledge, insights, techniques and skills that will undoubtedly propel your current success rate with women, I understand that there will be times where you will want to focus on a specific area of your game, and this will require ‘one on one’ coaching and undivided attention from an experienced instructor. For this exact reason, I make sure that each student who attends the bootcamp, receives an adequate amount of time from his chosen instructor or wing girl to help him with any personal or unique sticking points he wishes to address whilst on the bootcamp.

Q: Does it matter if I am too old?
A: No. We have worked with all age groups, from 18 to 57!

We fully understand that there are tweaks and slight alterations that need to be made in regards to some of the skills and techniques that we share on the bootcamp for our more mature students. Again, this goes back to the ethos of the team, which is that all who come to us are treated like an individual.

Q: Are there ever times when there will be too many students on the bootcamp? In which case yourself and your team will not have adequate time to help ALL who attend.
A: NO!

I am aware that some of the other ‘Pick Up Artist companies’ unfortunately make a habit of filling up as many places on their workshops as possible, regardless of whether there are enough adequate instructors available to help everyone. It is important for me and the team to know that we have helped you when you come to us, which is why I limit the amount of places on each workshop in accordance with the number of instructors who will be there on that day.

Q: Will there be follow up help and advice after the bootcamp?
A: Yes.

After you have completed your bootcamp experience, myself and one of my leading instructors on the team, will contact you to see if you have any further questions and to generally see how you are getting along.

Q: Will I be forced to approach women if I have severe approach anxiety.
A: Encouraged but not forced.

I sincerely believe that this bootcamp is essentially about giving you the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, with the guidance and experience from myself and my team to support you along the way. So, yes, you will be encouraged to face your fears and conquer them once and for all. However, we will NEVER force you to do anything that you are not at least slightly willing to do.

Saying this, nearly every single man who come to us with severe approach anxiety, is approaching girls non stop by the end of the evening, even without our encouragement.

Q: I have got to a fairly high level in terms of my success with women. Can you provide advanced skills and techniques for me on your bootcamp?

As I have stated before, the bootcamp has been perfectly structured in order for you to obtain the information and skill sets that is in line with your current level of success and experience with women. For instance, Erik and Christopher have incredibly advanced techniques that will help guys get ‘threesomes’, which will be valuable for men such as yourself who want to learn more advanced techniques, but might not be quite what a beginner is looking for yet, and so during the infield practice section of the bootcamp, you will gravitate towards the instructor or wing girl who is most suitable to you and your requirements.

If you still have any further questions about the bootcamp, feel free to drop me or one of the member of my team an email at this address


  • The skills needed to approach any woman any time anywhere
  • The techniques to transition smoothly from opener to mid game to sexual escalation
  • Complete mind set transformation
  • The most effective methods in the world for attracting beautiful women
  • Conversation techniques that will never leave you running out of things to say ever again
  • POWERFUL sexual escalation techniques
  • The ability to read women and understand what they want
  • Mastering the art of confident and alpha body language
  • Demonstrating HIGH VALUE to the maximum level
  • 100 percent honest INSTANT feedback
  • On demand demonstrations with detailed break downs
  • Same night lay and threesome techniques THAT WORK
  • Rapid verbal escalation
  • A perfect balance of theory and infield practice
  • 18 hours of training from the worlds leading female pick up coach for men on her team
  • Access to the HOTTEST night clubs (night game)
  • Access to the DAY TIME locations (day game)
  • FULL written feedback from each of the trainers


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This is your chance to work alongside Kezia Noble's premier league instructors and beautiful and experienced wing girls.


This PLATINUM BOOTCAMP will not only be one of the most amazing transformations you will ever experience, but it will also be one of the funnest..


see you there..


Thank you for reading




Kezia Noble


PS - This event is guaranteed to be completely sold out, so if you want to be part of this incredible experience, then do not delay.