How to see a girl again

posted on November 13, 2012 8

Girls often say to a guy who asks for her number:
“I’m not sure..let’s keep in touch through Facebook”
Most guys will convince themselves that this is AS GOOD as getting the girls number! But in reality, unless you follow the rules and techniques that I share in my ‘online dating for men e-book’ then the chances are that your relationship with this girl will remain in the ‘world of Facebook’ forever!

In this video I share with you an effective trick that will give you her number INSTEAD of her Facebook details..

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8 thoughts on “How to see a girl again

  1. David Slone

    While your video has great information its hard to pay attention when your eyes are at the very top of the video frame.

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  3. Freethisone

    you are a inspiration to my manhood I would like to get your phone number..

    hows that? a bit strong?

  4. Paul

    Good tip Ms Noble ! Dream on Octavia, what planet are you on ? Best laugh I have had for a while though so keep it up mate.

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