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                                    HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS IN THE DAYTIME

Mark J is one of our TOP ‘daygame’ instructors, and specialises in helping guys get INSTANT DATES and rapid NUMBER CLOSES in the daytime. He also is an expert in helping men overcome their approach anxiety.
I hope you enjoy his latest blog post!

Hey guys,

So today’s blog is a quick one for those of you who want to go out and do some daygame. Whether it’s a full day sarge, or half an hour at lunch time, these are very important things to keep in mind.

The three main sticking points I see in students I teach are:

1. Approach anxiety
2. Running out of things to say
3. Weak/apologetic body-language

With this in mind, I thought I’d give a quick tip for each, so whatever your sticking point, you can take something from today straight out into the field.

1 – Approach Anxiety

For all you guys with AA, simple stuff today. Firstly WARM UP. So that’s a number of low-pressure sets, very simple stuff, directions etc, to get the social muscle working. Within your warm up, try experimenting with self amusement. For example, rather than directions to Starbucks ask for directions to the squirrel factory, etc. Remember, the intention for these interactions is not numbers/dates etc, it is JUST to warm up and combat AA, so making yourself laugh is a great way to relax.

Then, assign yourself MISSIONS. This is to rid agenda and OUTCOME DEPENDENCY. The mission for the day is to “Brighten her day”. How? That’s up to you. That’s the mission. Nothing more. When AA strikes, you have to FOCUS on a simple task and achieve it without letting further thought creep into your approach. Try it.

2. Running out of things to say

Ok, first up, work on your pre-frame. I want a POSTIVE PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE of why are standing where you are right now (on the street). So, for example, what you did this morning, what you’re up to now and where you’re going this evening. IN DETAIL!!!!! For now it’s just for you, but you’d be surprised how often she’ll ask, “So what are you up to?” – So be ready!”

Not only that, but pepper it with things that can be commented on. Work out the topics of conversation you are best at/find most interesting, and put them in your pre-frame. If you love music, put something musical in. Same for sports, food, art etc etc etc. Take control right from the start.

Simple Test: Be able to answer the question “Where are you off to now?” Or the longer version “What are you up to today?” in an interesting way, THAT SHE COMMENT ON. Give yourself a deadline of 10 or 30 seconds to do this, which will force you to think quickly.

3 – Weak/apologetic body-language

Focus on one aspect at a time:

Am I standing strong and upright? – never be leaning in, stand your ground.

Am I smiling? – smiling is your BEST WEAPON – whether you think it’s a cliché or not, it’s a given. You MUST smile as you approach. Not a massive toothy wide one like the Joker in Batman, as some PUA’s would have you believe, just a nice genuine smile.

Am I shifting weight from foot to foot? – if so, STOP IT. When you notice something, you can overcome and control it.

Also, when you put your hands out to stop someone, keep them low, we’re not stopping cars, or flagging a taxi. Open hands are good, they show we’re non-threatening, but keep them down near your waist.


Bonus tip: NEVER get serious. There will be days when it all goes wrong, when nothing works. That’s just part of the game. Accept that NOW, and you have the freedom to progress.

Have fun out there, see you in the field.


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