How to talk to girls (With great conversation examples)

posted on November 29, 2017 0

How to talk to girls (With great conversational examples)

Most men struggle with making conversation with beautiful women. They usually even struggle with unattractive women too.
Sure, maybe they can string a few words together and produce a dull and forgettable conversation, but that’s not the same as creating a dynamic and impactive interaction with a woman that she wont forget.

In this video, I’m revealing to you a great little technique that so far, I’ve only been sharing with my private one on one and 7-day Mastery program students.
I call it conversation clickbait.

By adding carefully crafted statements, opinions and questions, you can literally take a boring and predictable conversation and flip it around into an irresistible connection that will draw in the person you’re interacting despite whatever distractions might be going on around you both.

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