Meeting girls in the summer

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Kezia Noble is the world’s leading female DATING COACH and attraction expert for men.
She is the most well known Dating Coach in London, New York and Los Angeles. This is thanks to her flawless reputation for getting men REAL results and her best selling book ‘The Noble Art Of Seducing Women’

This post has been written by Louise, one of the amazing and very insightful wing girls on the team.

So it’s supposed to be July at the moment but in the UK we’re mainly being treated to grey skies and rain. This is bringing down a lot of people’s energy and there are probably a lot of you out there (especially all you guys with Approach Anxiety!) who are going to use it as yet another excuse no to be approaching those gorgeous girls you see every day. Right now I just want to tell all of you that attitude is actually ridiculous, a miserable day should be all the more reason to try and brighten a girl’s day with some direct daygame!
At this time of year you can’t even log in to your email account without being blasted with millions of adverts for festivals. These are going to be the perfect opportunity for you to get out and practise your approaches- people meet new people at festivals ALL THE TIME! That evil approach anxiety in your head telling you not to approach with every excuse it can find won’t have a leg to stand on in the festival atmosphere and the more you practise your game there and see what a positive effect you can have on these girls, the easier you’ll find it in your every day life.
It’s also a perfect opportunity to practise your mid-game. The people you’ll meet will automatically have common ground with you so practise picking up on their hooks and making that deep connectionwhen you get chatting.
Get googling to find a festival that matches your budget and your interests, go along by yourself or with your best wing man or wing girl and get practising those approaches. Don’t forget to pack an umbrella- when you find that number ten caught in the rain without one you’ll be glad you did!

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