One On One Private Coaching

Kezia Noble offers private one on one
consultations and sessions

This also includes Skype or telephone sessions if you are unable to make travel arrangements to meet her in person.

Kezia has specialist skills in the following:

  • Overcoming approach anxiety.
  • Mind management.
  • Confidence building and establishing ‘healthier Inner-game’ dialogue.
  • Conversation skills.
  • Cold reading techniques.
  • Rapid sexual escalation.
  • Non-verbal and verbal seduction.
  • Making strong and positive first impressions.
  • Powerful ways to get out of the ‘friend-zone’.
  • Love close techniques.
  • Text game techniques.
  • Success with ‘Online Dating’
  • Alpha male based techniques and strategies.
  • Winning over bitchy or difficult women.
  • Getting shy or quiet girls to open up.
  • Overcoming unhelpful mental blocks.
  • The art of making deep connection.
  • Sustaining initial impact.
  • Sexual tension accelerators.
  • Creating individualised ‘seduction road maps’
  • Night-game based techniques ( clubs and bars)
  • Day-game based techniques ( stores, cafes, parks, the office , etc.)
  • Attractive body language enhancers.
  • Explaining what women really want and what they are thinking.
  • Techniques for sexual satisfaction.
    Fulfilling female sexual desires and fantasies.

Be prepared for HONEST and DIRECT advice

Whether you want to focus on one particular sticking point, or work on a wide spectrum of issues that you feel are currently holding you back from being successful with women, a one on one session with Kezia will give you that expert advice and no-nonsense straight taking feedback that most dating coaches will be ‘too nice’ to share with you. Kezia’s objective is to get you results, and she will tell you what you need to hear in-order to maximise your success rate with women.

Stuck in the friend-zone ?

If you are facing a specific situation with a particular woman, such as being frustratingly stuck in the friend zone for weeks, months or even years, and you have NO IDEA what you need to do to make her attracted to you, then a one on one session with Kezia will give you a clear and custom made road map that will explain each step you need to take in order to make that particular woman go crazy for you! Getting out of the friend zone is one of the most popular requests that Kezia receives and she treats each case with the individualised game plan and advice it requires.

Want your ex back?

Kezia specialises in helping men get their ex girlfriend back, even if the break up happened under extreme circumstances. Running out of things to say? This is by far the most common sticking point that men have when it comes to attracting women. Kezia will share with you her ’10-hook lead system’ and many more skills in conversation mastery , that will help you to verbally convey your personality and strengths, whilst simultaneously inspiring her to invest in you and the interaction.

A powerful insight into the female mind.

Maybe you just don't have a clue about what you're doing wrong and you need that honest female insight ,perspective and feedback to show you once and for all what you're doing wrong and of course what you're doing right. A one on one with Kezia will provide you with the answers to a lot of questions you have, PLUS she will go through ways in which you can utilise your strengths and conceal or eliminate your sticking points.

What women want.

Most male dating coaches will go through some ideas and techniques that happened to work for them, and most female dating coaches will give you that nice but essentially ineffective advice you’ve heard countless times before. However, in your private one on one session with Kezia , she will reveal what women really desire and lust after in a man. Be prepared that this is a real eye opening experience and will completely change your perception of women and give you the courage to apply your new skills to the interactions you have with them.

Infield training.

Kezia Noble also offers the opportunity for you to work with her infield. Due to high demand, availability for this training option is extremely limited, and all bookings will need to be made within 4-6 weeks before your chosen date to do the session.

Each session is tailor-made to suit your personal requirements & goals

Kezia has helped ONE THOUSAND men through her one on one private sessions, and has helped a further 80,000 men through her global live events. Because of such extensive experience ,she understands any alterations that need to be taken into consideration or made to her techniques in-order to align them effectively and respectfully with the different cultures, religious backgrounds and age groups of her clients.

Please enquire for pricing and availability .

Prices and Packages

Skype sessions:

One-Hour Session £250

Two-Hour Session £450

Five Hours Package £1000

Face to face sessions:

One-Hour Private Session £250

Four-Hour Private Session £900

Ten-Hour Platinum Package* £1,950

*Please note that there is currently a six week waiting list for this service.

All payments are non-refundable unless Kezia Noble ltd cancels any sessions booked.

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