The Strip Game

Are you ready to learn how to attract beautiful women
Are you ready to get behind their shields and connect with them on a level that will not only make you stand out from the rest of men, but will also increase your chances of attracting her that very same evening?
Are you sick of going to nightclubs that don’t have enough beautiful women?
Are you sick of going to nightclubs where the women always seem to have a boyfriend or ‘male friend’ hovering near her?
Are you tired of not being able to communicate because of deafening loud music?
Are you ready to get the honest female feedback you have always wanted?
tick Are you ready to take your ‘night game’ to the next level?

If you said yes to most of these question, then read on, because here is an event that will help you practice on beautiful women all the techniques you have obtained.

Last month, I did what was supposed to be a one off event. I taught four of my students ‘strip game’ which was followed by a successful evening at one of London’s most high end strip clubs, a place where celebrities frequently go to have fun.

The results my students got that night were nothing short of amazing.

“It was a great night, I managed to get the girl to meet me later after her shift, we went on to another night club and ended up back at her flat to finish off partying there” Rick H
“I number closed girls 3 girls, and have since met up with 2 of them for dates, What I liked best about strip game, is that there are just endless beautiful women coming up to you, and when you know the techniques to get them away from ‘work’ mode then you really do get such a great choice” Monir
“Kezia helped me with deep connection, and showed me how powerful this can be with women who take on an image. This especially applies to dancers. Thanks o the theory before with Kezia , I managed to achieve this with ease. I made sure the girls understood I was NOT a customer, and as a result of applying all the theory in to practice I managed to get 4 number closes. One of the girls is someone I am now having a regular thing with, the only problem is I want to go back to where she works and use these techniques more and more to get more girls”- Brad

After much demand for me to continue with this I have finally decided to make ’strip game’ a monthly event.

This is a break down of what will be taught on this event and how the new techniques will be carried out that same evening!

7:45pm THEORY

We will begin with 1 hour of theory and demonstrations. The following shall be taught:

  • Ways of separating your self from the ‘customers’ in the club
  • Learning the secret of distracting a dancer from the reason that she is working there in the first place, which of course is to earn hundreds in cash.
  • Effectively getting past her bravado/mask/alter ego that she takes on when she is working.
  • Making deep connection
  • Building attraction
  • Closing her effectively

9pm-1am THE CLUB

Next, we will swiftly move on to a high-end strip club. When I say high end, this means a club where the women are not average, but where they are stunning! (Hb 7- hb10) and where well known celebrities regularly go to. No seedy lap dance clubs in bad parts of town. Only the best with the hottest women is what I give my students.

Strip game in the club will last for 4 hours, from 9pm to 1 am.

This is where endless women will be by your side, which means you have the choice to practice all you have learned non stop for 4 hours.

And that’s not all..


There will be a beautiful wing girl who I have worked with before, and who has proven to be very helpful with my students in terms of advice, feedback and encouragement. She is also great for social proof too.


If the amount of students goes over 3 then I will also include the help and guidance for the students from a fantastic male trainer that I consider to be ‘natural’. He is someone who I have worked with closely for the last 8 months, and who I have personally trained to become a fantastic trainer. He has the ability to break down step by step what it is that makes him so attractive to women. He is also particularly good when it comes to strip- game (yet another great reason to have him on board)

And of course I will be there. Giving constant feedback and refreshing the memory of my students of the techniques that were taught earlier.


I will be there for the 4 hours, constantly giving advice and feedback to all the students.

The techniques I teach in relation to strip game are original and most of it is not taught by any other coach in the community. I know lots of strippers, some are even what I consider to be close friends of mine, and therefore I have obtained the knowledge and insight needed to really understand what it takes for them to get passed the ‘mask’/bravado/alter ego and attitude they where when working. I also understand what an achievement it is for men to successfully distract these women from earning serious cash that night.

Once this has been achieved, the attraction building techniques can really start to work!


Strip game is also great for men who either have too much approach anxiety or who have no approach anxiety at all. Let me explain:

For those who have zero problem in approaching women, strip game is a great way for them to practice other sticking points they might have such as:

  • Conversation skills
  • Kino
  • Sexual escalation
  • Attraction building
  • Comfort building
  • Deep connection.

For the students who unfortunately still do have approach anxiety, this is a great opportunity for them to practice their other skills without the approach anxiety getting in the way. Often when my students talk to women and successfully attract them, they find that the initial approach anxiety fades very quickly.


This great event will happen only once every month, and I make sure that the total amount in students is never above 5. The reason for this is simple. I want to make sure each of my students can all equally receive my attention and expert knowledge and the feedback that they deserve. Whenever I might be busy for a moment with another student, there will be either an experienced wing girl or a male trainer there to also give advice, feedback and encouragement.


Here is the best part….

All this will cost only £170

I usually charge £300 for a 2-hour private one on one session, so to say this is a bargain is an understatement.

For £170 you will get:

  • 1 hour of invaluable material and theory that you can use for years to come.
  • 4 hours of honest and helpful advice and feedback from the worlds leading female pick up coach
  • The advice, feedback, social proof and encouragement from a beautiful wing girl
  • Constant feedback, encouragement and advice from a male trainer who is not only a natural that possess the ability to break down exactly what it is that he does that gets him so many hot women, but who is also a master of strip game.
  • A follow up report from me, the wing girl and male trainer via email or phone call.

I have a solid reputation for making sure my students GET results,

Places go quickly, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Book Today – Only £170

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All this for only £170. This price might not remain this low, so if your interested book ASAP.