Things you should NEVER say to a girl

posted on September 23, 2012 6

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What you should not say to a girl

1) “I bet you get hit on all the times by guys”

NO NO NO! Stop giving her so much validation, regardless of whether she gets hit on all the time or not! If you mention it, you are either immediately playing up to her ego or reminding her of the reality she faces every time she goes out to a club.
You automatically put yourself in a lower position in the interaction and plus you are essentially saying to her “ And so I’m just another one of those guys who will be hitting on you too” You gain nothing from telling her this, and in fact you will make it even harder for yourself if you do.

2) “I feel nervous..”

Never tell a girl that she’s making you nervous or convey any message that your unsure or anxious when you’re around her. A lot of guys think that this will gain them sympathy and that as a result she will somehow give him a break. Although she can indeed feel sympathy towards you, it will never result in giving you that break. In fact, she will just see you as the sweet nervous guy that gave it a shot. Girls do not sleep with guys out of sympathy! And nerves, as endearing as they might be, are not a turn on.

3) “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Never ask her this. There are many ways to find out if she is with someone, but an outright question like this will show her what your intention is way too soon, and very often girls will reply yes, even if their ‘boyfriend’ is just someone she is casually dating. As soon as she says ‘yes’, there will be a massive shift in the interaction, and that shift will not be a positive one.

4) “I bet you hear this all the time..”

Like the first point, it immediately puts you in the same category as the men who HAVE said it to her before. It also unnecessarily feeds her ego. Whatever it is that you want to say to her, say it without a hint of apology or uncertainty, and if you genuinely feel that it does sound like a cliche then try something else that is more unique.

5) “Can I have your number?”

Never say “can I” It sounds like you are asking her permission, instead there are dozens of other ways to get her number without having to use the dreaded ‘Can I..” option.
A command such as “Put your number in my phone..” will be way more effective. Always presume she has agreed without asking.

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6 thoughts on “Things you should NEVER say to a girl

  1. Tom Patterson

    I agree with all except the first one. I said it with such a charming smile, she had to laugh.

    It happened in Seattle. I am in the Navy and was the only one on the ship that was able to pick up that night. There are stories in the Navy about me. I am not a sex machine, just a “love machine” because I always fall in love, with every country we visit.

  2. chris sanz

    very beautiful word from you, i admire the advice about saying that those are some of most common mistakes that us men do and i indeed know its most of our fault ,after reading this i undersatand this is crucial to making a stand from the crowd and acting a lot beter, thanks

  3. Jason Q

    1) I bet you get hit on all the time by guys.
    Her – yes
    You – Me, too. I bet mine have bigger cocks than the ones that hit on you 😉

    2) I’m really nervous (say it with a confident tone and relaxed, chill body language and a smile)

    3)Do you have a boyfriend?
    I have one, too. (or) I don’t have one either.

    4) I bet you hear this all the time, but (insert pick up line here)
    Her – Yes, I do
    You – What if I said that to you, too?

    5)Can I have your number?
    Her – Yes/No
    You – Oh, and I’d like fries with that. Thanks.

    I wouldn’t say you should never say those things, but after you do, you better have something else to back it up.

  4. The DayGame

    This is good content, but Ultimately it’s how you frame all of the above. You could say them all actually in a different manner and tone and regardless what she replies to of the above I can change the direction of the interaction on the spot.

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