The Wicked & Wild Week


Kezia Noble:

Back in 2014 I was hearing many intriguing rumours about ‘some guy’ called Jozzy who was slowly making a name for himself in the seduction community. I heard he was banging hot women left, right and centre and sharing his secrets with other guys who were looking to get similar results. Always looking for new talent that can help to benefit my students who attend my 7-day Mastery Program, I decided to find out more about him and see for myself what all the fuss was about.

What caught my attention most about my first encounter with Jozzy was his direct, no nonsense attitude, which was perfectly balanced out with his wickedly naughty charm. 

Now this might come as a bit of surprise, but I actually didn't allow Jozzy to join my team immediately, as I felt that his staggering confidence and raw, unapologetic lust for beautiful women would be a little too intimidating for some of my less experienced students, and that they wouldn't be able to relate to someone who was just so ‘naturally' amazing with women, but after spending some time with Jozzy, I found out that he hadn't always possessed this raw alpha confidence in himself. He told me about this journey from being someone who lacked self belief to becoming someone with an abundance of it, and explained to me how he had developed and cultivated his skills and techniques over the course of 2-3 years .It’s fair to say that the process he went through had been a long and arduous journey.

I was genuinely surprised by this revelation, because Jozzy comes across as someone who has been seducing HOT women forever! However, what really made up my mind to invite him to join my team of incredibles coaches, was how he had managed to take all those years of practicing and developing his strategies, techniques and systems and literally streamline all of them into ‘easy to apply’ and ‘fast working’ structures that could be utilised by any man.(He basically did all the hard work so others guys didn't have to) His ability to breakdown every point into the most meticulous detail is incredible.

Now before you sign up to our Wicked & Wild week long program , I do need to warn you about a few things!
Jozzy is all about the ‘Fucking’ He’s not interested in looking for love, he’s not interested in making deep meaningful connections, he’s not interested in abstract theories about ‘self love’ All Jozzy is interested in is ‘Fucking beautiful women’ (Forgive my crude language here, but Jozzy wouldn't have it any other way! )
When someone attends my 7-Day Mastery Program and specifically states that their goal is to ‘BANG INCREDIBLY HOT AND SEXY WOMEN’ I immediately book them some time with Jozzy.
I remember saying to Jozzy that it was his wickedly wild aura that made him his so desirable to the opposite sex, hence why five years on, I decided to name our joint global program ‘The Wicked & Wild Week’


This week long program with Jozzy and his experienced SQUAD of highly qualified (and like minded) trainers has been carefully created for the guys out there who really want to master the skill set that will enable them to consistently achieve ‘no strings attached’ mind blowing sex with hot and available (and even unavailable) women.

What better way to experience those possibilities and achieve those very specific goals than in some of the most exciting cities across the globe?


Jozzy is going to take you to some of the hottest destinations in the world. So If you want to seduce a Beautiful ice-cool tall Ukrainian blonde sitting in a bar in Kiev, or a curvaceous tanned brunette dancing away in a pumping night club in Rio De Janeiro or a HOT Israeli ‘Fresh out of the army’ fire cracker rubbing oil into her mahogany tanned skin on the beaches of Tel-Aviv, then the ‘Wicked & Wild Week’ is absolutely perfect for you!


If you want to get the chance to work ‘one on one’ with Jozzy in a stunning location, that has a constant flow of desirable females to practice on, and learn how to get hot women into bed SUPER FAST whist developing a more Alpha, unapologetic stance when it comes to your game, then this is the perfect opportunity to experience our ‘ Wicked & Wild Week’


I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside Kezia and her team of amazingly insightful instructors since 2014. I love helping guys from all different walks of life with a wide variety of sticking points, but the students I really relish working with are the ones who are on the exact same page as me. Those students are the ones who just want to sleep with as many desirable women as possible! When Kezia saw the consistent feedback I was getting from her 7-Day Mastery Program students, she suggested that I think about running a separate program that specialised in helping men who were only interested in getting super fast sex, and who specifically wanted to obtain skills that leaned towards a more raw, unapologetically alpha stance.

Because of my passion for travelling to places around the world that offer an abundance of hot and beautiful women, we decided that t the ‘Wicked & Wild’ week program should take place in the heart of these locations such . Places such as Rio De Janeiro, Belgrade, Buenos Aires, Cartagena, Kiev, Beirut, Puerto Vallarta..and more!
I’ve been to all these hot spots many times, and have experienced alarmingly good results in this places with my unique brand of techniques, skills and systems that I’m looking forward to sharing with you.

If you’re serious about getting real results in some of the hottest locations in the world, and are ready to experience the FULL IMPACT and power that comes with being a true red blooded alpha male, then the Wicked & Wild program is perfect for you!

My Mission

I believe the 21st century modern man is soft as butter and my mission is to help guys rediscover what it means to be a red blooded male. This starts with being able to at least speak to women in any situation you choose. If you can’t do this currently, you have found the right place…

About me


If it were all coming to an abrupt end because I had done something really bad my (unlimited budget) Death Row Meal would consist of a 1.2kg Galician ribeye steak, pan fried in butter and served rare, washed down with a large glass of Château La Lagune Haut-Médoc 1986. My biggest personal weakness is my lust for the instantaneous, hedonistic pleasures life offers in its variety of demonic forms. Speaking of intoxicants my current poison of choice is a tumbler of Don Julio 1942 served with one ice cube. The flavour on the palate is part silky caramel, part cinnamon chocolate almond. My favourite smell is freshly light gasoline. My favourite feeling in this whole debacle is the chase and if asked to sum up what game is in one phrase then the only feasible description I would offer would be sales with a hard on.

The Wicked & Wild Global Programme

*Learning style test and personality type tests to be completed by client in advance course to allow GPR team to determine specific course teaching methods to allow for accelerated progress (see below):


*One hour Skype session to fully assess client in advance of course start.


*Gym/Diet/ Fashion plan to be discussed in advance of week and planned into the 7 day course free of charge upon agreement with the client.


*50 hours day-game, dating and bar-game with small, elite team over the course of 7 days making this one of the premium products of Kezia Noble Ltd.


Accommodation & Travel


*Prepaid taxi to pick up from airport upon arrival and drop him off at airport after course completion.


*Quality Air b n b (full apartment + wifi) booked and paid for in advance for client in optimal location for day-game, dating & bar game logistics.




*All trainers using BOYA BY-WM6 UHF Wireless dual mics

to listen to client conversations with girls during day-game, bar-game & dates allowing for detailed feedback straight after each interaction and in-date advice (over whatsapp) from trainers.


*All students provided with day-game analytics tracking app (free of charge) to record their progress for day-game, bar-game and dating during the week and continued progress thereafter.


*Camera team on standby to record day-game & dating (with full audio) at request of client. Footage is private and is handed to client but can be used for in depth analysis sessions to accelerate learning (additional costs apply).

Course Breakdown

Day AM Before Course Begins: Client picked up from airport in pre-booked taxi and dropped at air b n b.
Day PM – Client meets Global residential Team for a drink, to discuss upcoming course and iron out and last minute concerns.


Am – 4 hours day-game
Pm – 4 hours day-game/ bar-game
+ Debrief and plan next day


Am – 4 hours day-game
Pm – 4 hours day-game/ bar-game
+ Debrief and plan next day


Am – 4 hours day-game
Pm – 4 hours day-game/ bar-game
+ Debrief and plan next day


Am – 4 hours day-game
Pm – 4 hours day-game/ bar-game
+ Debrief and plan next day


Am – 4 hours day-game
Pm – 4 hours day-game/ bar-game
+ Debrief and plan next day


Am – 4 hours day-game
Pm – 4 hours day-game/ bar-game
+ Debrief and plan next day


Am - Final Day-game session (3 hours)
Pm - Detailed course debrief and post course plan to ensure continued developments over lunch with the team. One-month post course goals set (arranged between Client and W&WGP Team).

Client dropped back in Taxi

Post Course Follow Up

  • Three-month post course support via Whatsapp to ensure client’s continued development.
  • If pre agreed one month goals are achieved client receives 10% discount on any future GPR course booking (Next course must be booked within 6 months of receiving discount offer).
  • Refer a friend scheme – additional 10% off future Bootcamps if client refers a friend that books, pays and successfully completes course.

Rio de Janeiro

Date: 27th Dec - 3rd Jan

Event: The Wicked and Wild Experience


Date: 2nd March - 9th March 2019

Event: The Wicked and Wild Experience


Date: 1st June - 8th June 2019

Event: The Wicked and Wild Experience


Date: 25th Aug - 1st Sept 2019

Event: The Wicked and Wild Experience

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