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So I sent out an email a few days ago asking over 100,000 of my subscribers what one aspect they would like to improve on that they feel would change their results with women for the better.
(If you didnt get it means you didnt sign up to my monthly newletter- and missed out!)

Judging by the huge wave of repsonse it seems like a lot of people are ready for change.

(Of course there are some who will remain in their comfort zone for a long time, trapping themselves in excuses to not take action, but since you’re reading this, that probably doesn’t apply to you)

Smashing limiting beliefs and getting real results for 2017 is something that can really happen for you. 

You know, let me be blunt here.
 Most life coaches and confidence experts out there give a pretty slick talk about building self esteem, visualisation, goal alignment and the new favourite word of the season ‘accountability’ 
I’m sure some of them mean well, but most of what they say is pretty abstract, and although it might pump you up for a short-while, it doesn’t really give you much practical information and skills that you can actually apply.

Your own unique attraction code.

I’m going to show you how to start identifying, optimising and utilising your most valuable skill.

On the 7-day Mastery Program, we give you what I like to call ‘REAL TALK’ and ‘REAL RESULTS’
 That means: 
No abstract concepts
No long winded speeches about zero to hero experiences.
No delayed results
No sugar-coated garbage

 Just real UNDILUTED hard hitting information, advice, strategies and insights that you get to put into practice RIGHT AWAY.

That means seeing results from DAY ONE (not 10 years down the line!) 

The only way you can really become good at this, is firstly to identify, understand and utilise your own personal attraction code. We all have one, but most of us are clueless on how to use it, or have convinced ourselves that we don’t have one.


1. You could be a total introvert, and instead of understanding the attraction code of an introvert ( I’ve dated a few of them myself) you try desperately to become an extrovert, or you take the complete opposite approach to that, and attempt to blend into the background even more and lazily label yourself as just shy. Both methods leave you feeling either like an imposter or even more depressed before. The introvert has the ability to make a strong and sexual impact with few words and precise non-verbal dialogue.

2. You might be someone who is over a certain age, and think that you can only date women of the same age, or that younger women think you’re creepy. WRONG!!!! The older guy’s attraction code is ridiculously powerful. If only you knew how much! 

3. You might be in a position in your life where you haven’t reached a particular level of success in your career, in which case you probably change the subject when it comes up, or try and ‘over sell’ it. Instead, you should be ‘owning it’ (something I strongly encourage) and show her that you have uncompromising confidence in yourself and the choices you have made as a man. You’re in a current position that sucks, and you know it, but you have plans, passions, expectations and so much more. You are not defined but your current status- EVER. (I could literally write a book about this one point.)

4. You might be the typical Nice Guy, the one who always gets left on the sidelines as he watches other guys get the girl he adores. You too have an attraction code, but you’ve buried it away and become totally unaware of it. Your attraction code is the ‘one in a million great guy’ . Believe it or not, but you are actually what we call ‘love close’ potential with the capability to trigger the push-pull tactic better than anyone. If only you understood the dynamics of your code, you could use it to close 80% of the women you desire.
When men identify, understand and utilise their unique attraction code, they accelerate their success rate with women by between 70%-80%. within the first few days of experimenting with it.

Here’s how it works:

On day one of the 7-day Mastery course, you get to spend valuable one on one time withe me, and get the opportunity  to experience an eye opening diagnostic session like you’ve never had before.  This is where I figure out your very own unique attraction code and for the entire week me and my team of experts work around that code to help you achieve your own specific objectives and goals.

This is really the only way you will ever be able to get the maximum results with women.

Our students walk away from the course at the end of DAY SEVEN with a new sense of clarity. Because all the skills, strategies, techniques and advice they receive on the program have been aligned with their own unique attraction code, which means they are able to continue and continue getting positive results with women, long after they have completed the 7-day Mastery Experience.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to get your 7-day Mastery Program brochure then stop waiting and download it here: Get Access To My Online Brochure 

Alternatively, send me an email at with your phone number and my program director will arrange a convenient time to call you and go through any questions you may have.


One recent student described his experience perfectly:

MIND BLOWN! How Kezia identifies your attraction code is almost frightening, but in a good way!. It’s a real phase shifter, and the talented, supportive and ridiculously knowledgeable instructors that were selected by Kezia to align their experienced coaching to my attraction code, which actually made the process so much more fun and fulfilling. It gave me real clarity and best of all it gave me the results I wanted”

Michael, 34, New York.

I look forward to helping you discover your own unique attraction potential on the  7-Day Program.

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